Lauren Boebert: “Hell NO You’re Not!”

Posted September 21st, 2019 by Iron Mike

I just LOVE this story,  – a 100 lb mother drives 200 miles through the mountains to tell ‘Beto’ to “Shove it!”
AND, – she calls him out in public on his criminal record!

Lauren owns a restaurant in Rifle, Colorado;  – she bought a failed cafe and turned it into a going establishment.  Her staff there carry openly.

In case you’re driving through Colorado….

Thanks to Lauren, nobody will remember any other thing that happened at ‘Beto’s’ Town Hall.

Do Democrats want a President with a CRIMINAL RECORD?

Between Lauren’s poise and feisty courage, – and the rudeness of the crowd – (particularly the fat pussy-man who was afraid of her), – this town hall event may have finally scuttled ‘Beto’s’ White House quest….

You can expect the Media to either ignore or somehow vilify Lauren,  – even as the Left will likely try to attack her business,  – because they are so fully invested in and committed to disarming US Citizens.

Lauren,  thank you for your courage!


UPDATE:   Fri 1 Nov 2019   Fake Mexican Beto Drops OUT!



5 Responses to “Lauren Boebert: “Hell NO You’re Not!””

  1. Varvara

    Terrific !!!

  2. Catherine

    I was actually impressed that Beto kept asking the crowd to quiet down and let her speak. He then ruined that by citing a fake statistic that there are 40K gun deaths in the USA annually. Take out suicides (where people will otherwise use cars, hangings, poisons, overdoses, etc) but include accidents and unknowns and the number is a fourth of what is cited. Triple that number are killed in car crashes – are we next going to prohibit cars (yes, that’s on the globalist agenda, eventually)? In the UK attackers are using knives, clubs, bleach, and cement mix – as well as guns, despite those being illegal in the UK.

    What he refuses to admit is that it is EVIL INTENT that causes the harm, regardless of method. And there is no way to legislate against that. Solzhenitsyin correctly wrote that the line between good and evil goes through the middle of EVERY human heart.

    And yes, the pot-belly grey-shirt guy was annoying – loved that she told him not to worry, that she “had his back” when he boasted about not having a gun.

  3. Ben

    Oo-rah God bless this woman. She is one courageous lady who is willing to protect her brood.

  4. panther 6

    There are a lot more ladies like this courageous gal out there. When it comes time to vote we will hear from them.

  5. Kojack

    I’m going to add eating at ‘Shooters Grill’ to my Bucket List.