Kyle Rittenhouse: Baby-Faced Kenosha Killer

Posted August 26th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Per news reports Kyle shot three people Tuesday night in Kenosha,  – killing two of them.  Then he went home to Antioch, Illinois – and was arrested today.
It will take weeks before we in the ‘public’ are told sanitized versions of the facts.   Initial reports indicate he’s likely to be charged as an adult,  – because he was an ‘outsider’ in Kenosha.
UPDATED w/ fresh video:

The Kenosha rioting started with the botched arrest of known violent gang-banger Jacob Blake – who refused to stop for police and reached into his car.  The cops knew him well,  – and had reason to fear the worse.

And as in all these Black Lives Matter riots,  the mob wants the cops fired,  arrested,  tried,  and burned at the stake.  And they’ll burn the town until it happens.

While the actions of young Kyle last night were unwarranted, certainly impulsive and immature, – and criminal,…there is a cautionary tale there that BLM people should hearken to…

“Keep up this mindless rioting,  burning,  looting,  and beating of innocent bystanders,  – and soon lots of White people will start carrying guns,  – and shooting back”.

In other words,  – don’t start a race war without expecting to lose casualties – maybe lots of them.

Since Rittenhouse is just 17;  there will be lots of legal folks around the country trying to get him off – on a lot of different excuses:

♦  that at his tender age his brain was still developing, – and is not yet capable of adult reasoning, – either to understand his crime or assist in his own defense.

♦  that some childhood trauma rendered him vulnerable to impulsive behavior.

♦  that too much time spent playing computer games rendered him unable to separate the real streets of Kenosha from a computer game.

It’s not that these legal folks have any interest in Rittenhouse,  – they just want to use him as a poster child for weakening the legal system – so that no teenager,  – regardless of their horrific crimes,  – is ever put to death.

What life lessons was Jacob Blake learning during those eight Obama years? 


UPDATE:  Thursday AM, 27 Aug 2020  This video shows some of the action – and appears to tell a much different story about how and why the shooting occurred.

We’ll still need to wait to learn who the dead and wounded are, – what their history is,  – and if they were BLM or AntiFA…


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Wed, 23 Sept 2020   A month has passed,  – and new video is telling a VASTLY DIFFERENT STORY about the night of August 24th.

Kyle sits in jail charged with murder,  but he now has a team of good lawyers,  and there is enough video evidence to prove he was the victim of a mob attack,  – who managed even while down to fire at and kill his attackers.

This case will drag on,  – mostly because liberals assume any person walking the streets,  – of any town – armed with an AR-15 can only be a right-wing racist militia there to kill people.

Years from now ~ maybe ~ Kyle will collect a judgment for false arrest and malicious and vengeful prosecution.

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:

Drone video played at trial….

The LESSON for all of us is that first reports are almost always wrong (or at least missing key facts),  – and likely told through the lens of people with a particular agenda.

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UPDATE:   Friday, 12 Nov 2021   Prosecution and Defense have rested their cases – final arguments are scheduled for Monday, Nov 15th.
Judge Bruce Schroeder has been masterful
presiding over a trial which has thus far clearly shown that the State has been engaged in a Political Prosecution of a decent kid who only fired in self-defense after being attacked, hit, knocked down, and having a known criminal point a pistol at him.



5 Responses to “Kyle Rittenhouse: Baby-Faced Kenosha Killer”

  1. panther 6

    Suddenly, after all the looting and burning the police announce that there was a knife on the floor of Blake’s vehicle……..Same issue came up with George Floyd ref drugs in his system and his refusal to obey the police. When you watch the officers body cam and read the court deciphered words from the exchange I am hard pressed to see a conviction on Floyd’s death. Old Keith Ellerson may have bit into a sour apple with the Floyd case.

  2. Walter Knight

    I watched a video of the a man throwing a fire bomb while chasing Rittenhouse. He was the first rioter shot. Then more rioters swarmed over Rittenhouse taking him to the ground and beating him while on the ground. Rittenhouse then defended himself shooting his immediate attackers. He showed restraint by not shooting more.

    This was self defense from beginning to end.

  3. We R the Real Riot

    Videos show both dead guys were attacking him. In both cases he was running from an attack, shooting only in self defense. He killed criminals who think this is all a game. They sure were screaming for the police when they saw one of their own laying dead. You play with these cowards Antifa and try to terrorize and attack Americans, the Wild West be the law.

  4. Kojack

    I agree with all of these comments. Notice there seemed to be no problems with the rioting and looting but Rittenhouse gets arrested for defending himself in spite of showing restraint and running away from the attackers as Walter pointed out. Frankly, I would have taken out more of them and sooner.

  5. Sonny's Mom

    Still, I don’t understand why Kyle was left out there to defend a that position– a gas station, from what I heard– entirely on his own. At age 17 he should have been paired up with a more experienced adult defender.


    The people trying to organize a defense against the BLM & AntiFA rioters in major US cities are not trained military or Law Enforcement folks, just well-meaning civilians who came together ad hoc…and who made mistakes.

    While time permits – organize your own neighbors, and ammo up!