Known Islamist Shoots Up Strasbourg

Posted December 11th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The French police set out this morning to arrest this well-known jihadi, – but he wasn’t home.  He was elsewhere in town,  busy killing innocent Christmas shoppers.
He killed 3,  wounded 12,  and was wounded himself.

As this is posted a wounded Islamist – Cherif Chekkat – age 29, – from Morocco, is holed up in a Strasbourg apartment.   Let’s hope he bleeds out by morning.  France needs their Death Penalty back!  STORY UPDATED:  He’s DEAD!

I so love a story with a happy ending!

4 Responses to “Known Islamist Shoots Up Strasbourg”

  1. Kojack

    ……and yet they keep letting them in and will continue to do so UNTIL THEY TAKE OVER.

  2. m.

    taquiyya-bama’s dream, coming soon to America

  3. Johnthegay

    First of all, this man is not moroccan.

    He is a french man born in France from algerian parents (just in case u dont know, algeria was french so its normal there would be algerian people in France..).

    Then, this man has nothing to do with islam, he was a gangster robbing banks and shops he went 27 times in jail at only 29.

    What about 01/10/2017 las Vegas shooting ?


    French news outlets reported he was an immigrant from Morocco.

    He shouted Allah Akbar as he was killing people in the store, – and again when he fired at the police.

    Las Vegas? We’ll never know – our corrupt FBI took over that case and is busy burying evidence.

  4. FreddyVegas


    Much false informations in the comments above..

    He is not Moroccan, he is French born in France (parents are Algerian OK so what ? American people are originally also from UK, IRELAND..etc who cares ?).

    He was in streets, five different streets not in a store but near an outside Christmas market going from one street to another before leaving the place by hijacking a taxi.

    If someone goes in the street and says JESUS IS THE GREATEST then kills 10 people, does that make all Christian people terrorists ? Absolutely NO. Again, where are the proofs with the hundreds of cameras we can see in big cities these days? Why has he been killed ? Why we have no more informations about what has been found in his phone/computer ?

    All I have to say is this story is strange, like many others.

    Best Regards,



    Start your OWN blog “Fred”….. If you post here again without a REAL E-Mail address all your crap will be trashed.

    As far as we’re concerned at RRB – he is now a ‘good Muslim’, – and he’s talking to Saint Peter about Jesus!