Know-It-ALL Dylan Ratigan NEVER Voted?

Posted February 22nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

45 years old,  wealthy,  worked for Bloomberg, CNBC, and MSNBC, and he now wants to run for Congress – as a DemocratBUT HE’S NEVER VOTED!?!?

We think he suffers from ‘Tall Man Syndrome’,  – at 6′ 3” he’s been looking down on the rest of us far too long.  Maybe he thinks he’s bringing a new level of ‘political purity’ to politics.

We at RRB will give him credit for one thing,  – he fully understands the obnoxious taste Americans have for Democrat politicians:

“The reality is that the only reason we have Donald Trump as our president and these horrendous Republicans is because of the unadulterated failure and corruption in the Democratic Party.

Think about how bad,  how unappealing,  how offensive Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had to be to the American population in order for them to even remotely begin to choose someone like Donald Trump as a better alternative.”

Gee Dylan, why did you leave Schumer, Gillibrand, the Cuomos, De Blasio and Pelosi out of your statement…?   They all suck too!

And calling us horrendous Republicans sounds a lot like your gal Hillary when she called us “Deplorables”….  That should help you make friends in D.C.

Dylan was married sometime in 2016,  but somehow hasn’t yet named ‘his wife’ – or posted any wedding photos….?  

His campaign website shows no positions on any of the key issues confronting America – or the 21st Congressional District.

I could be wrong, – but this seems like a gay man’s bid for the spotlight.

I wonder if Dylan has ever visited Fort Drum – home of the 10th Mountain Division?

2 Responses to “Know-It-ALL Dylan Ratigan NEVER Voted?”

  1. Jim Buba

    Sorry, Dylan has never ventured past the end of his Crack Pipe.

  2. Ben

    Just what the democrats need, another………….