Kleptocrats Sucking Up To China Joe

Posted December 24th, 2020 by Iron Mike

They ran for elected office “to serve the People…”  It was always a lie.

Democrats run for office to get dictatorial POWER,  – to enrich themselves,  – and to force others to live according to THEIR visions.  And,…sometimes for ego and revenge.

Take Marty Walsh – the (reformed?) drunk,  – now with the power to close bars.

Or Rachael Rollins – the Soros-sponsored Suffolk DA who believes if “restorative Justice” – – i.e. letting violent criminals and illegals out of jail without bail.

Or Senator Squaw – our ersatz box-checking Cherokee who has seen herself as vice-presidential material since 2016,  – when she was sucking up to Hillary.

Now she wants to be close at hand when Kamala Harris takes China Joe to stay at Walter Reed.  She STILL wants that VP spot, – – sees it as her launching pad for 2028.

All of these despicable Dems are tired of RUNNING for office,  – grubbing,  lying,  and promising trinkets for votes.

They want the power and ease of APPOINTED office,  – with staffs of loyal unthinking civil service minions to carry out their edicts.   AND of course they want Chinese and Burisma lobbyists coming in their back office doors bearing “gifts”….

Don’t feel bad for Massachusetts and Boston voters Folks.

They eagerly BELIEVED the lies, – they eagerly VOTED for these cheap hollow suits,  – and now they’ll quietly ignore the insults as these career kleptocrats suck up to the Dementia-Riddled Chinese Puppet,  – in hopes of getting good-paying government jobs,  – with no heavy lifting.

There are Democrats in Boston who still keep photos of JFK and Fat Teddy alongside a photo of the Pope.  Their insanity and myopia is deeply inbred. 

4 Responses to “Kleptocrats Sucking Up To China Joe”

  1. Jim Buba

    Never trust an import

  2. Ben

    I don’t have the space to print how I really feel

  3. Leonard Mead

    There’s a solution to this insanity.


    Len Mead
    Happily paying taxes and voting in FLORIDA (8 years) and New Hampshire starting this summer.

  4. Blossom Stiefel

    This arrogant group of the modern Democrat party is the most far left “gang” to run for the presidency in American history. If they truly come to power we will have severe consequences for the future of America. Our quality of life will be forever altered, and never be the same. Biden, Harris and their administration will lead America into socialism and we will probably never recover. Let’s hope and pray that President Trump will prevail and we will once again MAGA.