Kiss 2020 Goodbye Charlie!

Posted May 1st, 2018 by Iron Mike

3 Responses to “Kiss 2020 Goodbye Charlie!”

  1. integrity 1st

    the math is not working as much as I want it to, and as much as I believe Charlie got votes from people too scared to vote against him because it was not a secret ballot.

    Charlie got close to 70%? Lively close to 28%.

  2. Vic

    In the post-convention press conference, Baker lied when he claimed that 100% of the delegates supported LT Gov Polito. The truth is that Karyn ran unopposed and was nominated by acclamation. He was really counting on that for himself, too.

  3. Clinton Ma Tea Party

    Remember its not just liberal Charlie. A lot of others liberal never-Trumpers and fake Trump supporters who are comming out of their weasel holes to hurt Lively. The fake Republican Organization Massachusetts Republican Assembly is one of them. Ploss, Mountain, Kesterson, Noble, and others are already spouting off lies to help Charlie. The Rino Mass Gop must not be given any room to breath; it must be held down till it is gone and the Republican party liberals stole from us will rise up and be the grand old party once again.