Kirsten Hughes: Where’s The BEEF?

Posted March 15th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Chair MouseThe Mouseketeer, [aka MassGOP Chair Kirsten Hughes] has held the reigns of ‘power’ for over 13 months now.

She’s overseen a fake republican‘Navy SEAL’ – lose to Ed Markey.

She’s just disavowed the pro-Life and pro-Marriage planks of her own party.

And,…she seems not to have noticed that the Mid-Term Elections are just 7 months away. 

Kirsten,  – WHERE are those hordes of Republicans running for state-wide offices?  WHO did you recruit to run against our nine (9) Congressional Obamaphiles?

Kirsten Hughes - worst of the 3Back in Natick on the night of January 31st 2013 – when the MassGOP had the chance to elect Rick Green as our chair – the Old Guard RiNOs clung to their pro-abortion little  darling girl from Quincy, who’d been going around the state claiming she could raise money and recruit candidates.

Kirsten Hughes sells Navy SEAL

So Kirsten, – SHOW US THE MONEY!!!  

Show us the slates of candidates ready to challenge every sitting Democrat….



What DID you do these past 13 months?

Quincy City Counselor HughesOh, you won re-election to the Quincy City Council? 

Well con-grat-U-lations!

With ObamaCare, Benghazi, the Ukraine, and the lowest number in the workforce since WWII – we should be stomping all over Democrats!

With Obama’s approval rating at an all-time low, – Deval Patrick defending Olga Roche’s trail of dead babies, – and Senate Democrats holding a Global-Warming Pajama Party – WHERE is our state-wide Republican Message?

I’m asking because I haven’t heard Charlie Baker or his arm-candy talk about it.

I haven’t heard any of the State Committee folks talk about it…?

I haven’t seen any TV or internet advertising about a REPUBLICAN message…?

Kirsten, if I were just a <tad> cynical, – I’d say you’ve done a GREAT JOB for the Massachusetts Democratic Party, – i.e. you’ve pretty much guaranteed that Markey gets re-elected, and Martha Coakley becomes our next Socialist Governor.

And BTW,  how come you hitched the MassGOP wagon to Charlie Baker and ignored Mark Fisher?   Isn’t that against the MassGOP Charter?

Kaufman & DeVitoOh, and Kirsten, – do you still have that Global Warming attorney Vinny DeVito on our MassGOP payroll?   Why?

Nasseur  Maginn   Hughes  FAILURES


14 Responses to “Kirsten Hughes: Where’s The BEEF?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    It’s all about a pretty face, all style and absolutely no substance. The Mass GOP is a joke, when they should be in full offensive mode, they are being their usual timid, please be bipartisan selves.

    They will never learn, they have no short term or long term plans for combat on the state or most local levels. Most candidates are on their own and even Charlie has not answered the tough questions.

  2. Sam Adams

    A primary between Fisher and Baker would only save the Republican Party to see another day, but the MassGOP is warning the RINO herd that a primary will hurt Charlie. If he’s that weak, how the hell’s he going to beat Coakley!!
    Time to dump these clowns into the harbor.

  3. haddanuff

    Yes the Mass GOP is pathetic, and we could be doing much better with different leadership, but I do think that platform vote is telling that we are making some real headway. So I guess it’s one more election cycle for us to clean house.

  4. Casey Chapman

    Cleaning house is the only way we can get Real Republicans as candidates. Right now, it seems like we are butting our heads against a brick wall. Keep going. Keep fighting for the Constitution, folks.

  5. Kim

    I hate to be a downer, I truly am an optimist; but, political watchers are not very optimistic about GOP gains in Massachusetts. They cite a weak field of candidates, paper-thin infrastructure and internal conflicts. Until our SC Members elect a competent Chair with a proven history of building an organization, none of these things will change.

    That said, focus on your State legislative seats in 2014, focusing on the Governorship is a mistake. We can build a pipeline of quality candidates for future State wide races by electing conservative legislators. The top down approach in elections hasn’t gotten the GOP very far in this State. Electing R Governors and expecting them to be able to accomplish anything with such a lopsided legislature is a lesson in futility.

  6. Al

    Iron Mike,

    Who can forget this classic moment in MaGOP leadership.
    Resulting in Chairman Barbie aka Nassour who used her
    pregnancy to resign. Leadership like this is priceless

  7. Newton4G

    Iron Mike, at least there are two solid MARA Republicans running for Congressional seats.

    2nd District: Dan Dubrule

    9th District: Mark Alliegro

    Both were endorsed by MARA at the February Convention.

    However, I agree that is not enough. I am very disappointed in the current lack of legislative candidates as well. Kirsten must go.


    GO? It’s almost like she was never here….

  8. Jim Buba

    I’m 95.5% with Newton4G.

    Mr. DeVito is most of the problem, the rest of it is equally distributed among Hughes, Brown, Romney for President, INC, Rove, Kaufman, Jones, etc.

    Hughes doesn’t do anything she isn’t told to do by any or all of them. None of them are smart or informed enough to strategize on their own, so please excuse the 1-47% error.

    So far, its all about the Convention this Saturday, and not much of that ‘all’ will make any headlines. A snore-z event with nothing but repetitive, calm in-fighting.

    All of the money raised will go to the party the night before and nothing is left for the party that may have to endure a summer of boring head-bobbing non-sequitor commentary.

    We need a primary and we need the debate.

    We also need a heads-up for 2016, 2018 and 2020. Some committee folk get it, the rest, well they’ll just have to go in 2016 as planned.

    Not one peep and only a handful of glad-handing Emails clearly point to the error of the 2012 vote to seat the babe-in-the-woods.

    … and they call it ‘War on Women’.

  9. Dave Sanders

    At the Western Mass Republicans meeting last week, I chose to attend to watch the MassGOP roadshow. I was 10 feet to the side of her as she spoke. I couldn’t help but notice as she walked by that she had on jeans that looked like they were tweenie jeans. But, then she spoke (I mean read word for word) some gobbledy gook about it is our time to take over. Using this appearance as a reference point, I’d be surprised if we hang on to the 11%


    God love you for sitting through that show Dave! If the MassGOP continues to straight-arm and disparage the TEA Party and the Ron Paul Libertarians, – you’re right – it’ll shrink to maybe 8%… Republicans are giving up and moving to Red States!

  10. Mark

    We need to replace the “MA GOP” with the “MA Conservatives party”.

  11. Sherox

    There’s one other issue that no one is citing here and that is that not only is the party thin, weak, no real infrastructure, they refuse to reach out to all peoples in the state, but unlike when the Democrats finalize a platform, no one is allowed to criticize it.

    We have both Nancy Luther & Richard Tisei Have broken that “rule.”

    Both should be censured by the GOP. If such is allowed to continue, then the party will, by the liberal side, defeat itself.

  12. Kojack

    @Sherox you are TOTALY WRONG…..Markey, MD’s 3rd senator and Liawatha, the fake Indian got 100% of the moonbat vote whereas the conservative base stayed home rather than vote for RINOs Gomez and Judas Brown as neither one represents conservative values. In case you’re unaware moonbat liberal democrats outnumber conservatives 3 to 1.

    BTW I’ve never heard democrats at the state or national level criticize the party platform even though they are wrong 98% of the time.

  13. Joshua

    From what I have seen , the entire state party is a mess. Like a high school civics club without direction. It’s a start but a major party should be far beyond this point at this point. Where is the community outreach? Where is the bumper stickers and signs? Selling the Republican Party and (more importantly) the ideology should never stop. There should be at least one Republican canidate for every partisan race in the state.

    Rich Tisei is awful. What about being a married gay man makes you pro-abortion? Brown and Gomez were cut from the same cloth. Guys who want high offices but didn’t want to wait in a long democratic party line. If you beleive your opponents ideology is correct then you are on the wrong side. It’s sad all that time and money for a few people who don’t even want to be Republicans. People over parties indeed!

    It looks like a racket enjoyed by a few people rather than a serious politcial party trying to improve the Commonwealth.


    You didn’t miss much Joshua! The MassGOP has been infiltrated with RiNOcrats and fakes [Kaufman, Hughes, Brown, Gomez, etc ad nausium…]

    Thanks for clicking in – and your spot-on comment!