Kirsten Hughes: Mother Of Defeat!

Posted June 26th, 2013 by Iron Mike

BUSTEDA quasi-Republican just lost to one of America’s worst career politicians by 10%.

Mouseketeer – you OWN this one.  One single race – your first leadership test – and you FAILED!

As we used to say in the Army – you failed ‘by-the-numbers’.  AND, you had help in high places!


In general terms – during a primary contest the Party should stay respectfully neutral.  UNLESS a given candidate comes with too-obvious FLAWS – like not being a real Republican.  As Chair of the MassGOP – you had a DUTY to speak out,  but you were all-too-obviously enthralled with “Navy SEAL” – as if those were magic words.

Not only are Gomez’s Navy credentials due some scrutiny, – so were his political beliefs and personal values.

OK, he speaks perfect Spanish,…great!   BUT, he is UNABLE to SPEAK REPUBLICAN!  He was never able to articulate a Republican or Conservative point of view on ANY issue.  Did you EVER listen to him? [No, all you saw was ‘Navy SEAL‘.] 

Gomez can’t speak Republican because there’s no ‘Republican’ in him.  At best he’s a fiscally and socially conservative Democrat.  He belongs in the Democratic party [except, alas,…it’s become the George Soros Socialist Party].

After he won the Primary – did you have ANYBODY work with him on message?

His stump speech consisted of ‘Navy SEAL and the Pledge of Allegiance’ until we were all embarrassed and sick of hearing it. Frankly he began to look like just another empty shirt – with an empty head.


Dan, you ~ may ~ be a decent man, but you too OWN part of this defeat

Your vicious, angry pro-gay marriage / anti-GOP statements about the GOP ‘deserving to lose’ if we wouldn’t support gay marriage and abortion was a major turn-off to religious and conservative voters – and it came as the Services are struggling with the new reality of gays serving openly.

Whatever you may feel about gay marriage and gay adoption,  you and the rest of MassGOP leaders need to understand – and accept – is that most voters are TURNED OFF.

We may accept that gays exist, and that they should have the same ‘rights’ as anybody else.

BUT, we’ve become REAL TIRED of them parading in our streets and pushing their demands in our face – as they co-opt school curriculums. We’re tired and angry about the ongoing exhibitionism and their constant demands that we celebrate their gayness.

And Dan, – if you haven’t counted yet, there are more God-fearing Christian voters here than gay voters.  In trying to curry favor with the small group – you turned off the bigger one.

Frankly Dan, – there was NEVER a reason to inject gay politics or abortion into this election.  National security and our economy were enough for ANY Republican to run on.

You did so as a calculated maneuver in your own self-interest.  You dropped those turds in the road.  Fourteen weeks later, – how’d that work out for you?  For us?

$ MONEY $:

Someone is sure to blame Tuesday’s 10% loss on MONEY. OK, – going in we knew that Obama wasn’t going to ever risk even a quasi-Republican Senator voting for impeachment.  This was never an insignificant or back-water race.

I can raise moneyBloomberg and others were expected to pump money in – because their candidate is such a cardboard cutout of what a real man should be.

But Kirsten, – you claimed to know how to raise money!!!

You campaigned hard on it!  SHOW US THE MONEY KIRSTEN!!! [Oops, a day late – and a dollar short – aren’t you?]



We need candidates willing to stand on our Founding Principles, – state them clearly, – and in simple words…


To remain safe, we must be strong.  This cannot happen with an anti-American president in the White House busily weakening our military and apologizing to our enemies.  We must remove him if possible – and NEVER again elect anybody like him.

In total our military must be stronger than the Russians, the Chinese, and the Islamists – COMBINED!  Period!

Anything that detracts from strength, readiness, and unit cohesion is a recipe for dead Americans, – and that includes women in combat and gays serving openly [which will alienate Muslim friends and enemies alike].  Warfare is NOT ‘political correctness’, – we must stop experimenting with our children’s lives.

Our fleets of aircraft and ships are dangerously old, worn out, and obsolete.  We have kids serving on ships their grandfathers sailed, – flying aircraft their grandfathers flew.

No matter what Obama says, our war with Islamic terrorism is NOT OVER!


We have enough oil shale, tar sands, natural gas, and offshore oil to fuel this nation for 100+ years.  We need a new generation of safe nuclear power stations.  Only when we can stop buying oil from Arabia will we be economically free of their influence

The earth has not warmed up even a single degree in 15 years.   Man-made Global Warming is an Al Gore cult myth – and we must stop being hostage to it.


No kingdom or nation anywhere in History has survived intact when they failed to recognize and stop mass migration or actual invasion.  We must seal our borders NOW!

Then, we can begin to discuss what to do with the 12 million law-breaking illegals amongst us.  We must STOP giving preferential treatment to them and their children.  American Citizens – FIRST!

America was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs and principles.  Muslims and others who come here must not expect special accommodations.  They came here!


We cannot sustain a great economy on welfare checks!

This great nation – the Arsenal of Democracy in two World Wars – was not built by government micro-managing private enterprise. Government needs to GET OUT of our stores, our factories, and off our farms!

The days of horrific abuse of workers has long past – and with them the days for mandatory union membership backed up by government muscle. Right-to-work must become the law in all 50 states.

Let’s make the USA and Massachusetts business and manufacturing FRIENDLY – and start bring jobs back from China!  Full employment in a manufacturing economy solves most of our budget problems.


Did you know,…1 of EVERY 10 Americans who draws a paycheck – works for some level of GOVERNMENT?  

That’s why we have a $17 Trillion National Debt, and a $103 Billion State Debt.  

We’ve been borrowing money to put Democrats on government payrolls.

Every time your local, state, or federal government hires someone, we all take on that salary, that retirement, and lifetime medical for that whole family.   WE’VE GOT TO REDUCE THE PAYROLL – by attrition, and culling out the dead wood.

There are whole federal departments we don’t need, – the Departments of Agriculture, Education, and Energy.   The IRS needs a big trim too….


Lowering individual and business taxes must be the cornerstone of controlling and shrinking our state and federal budgets and stopping the insane borrowing. 

Why has the tax software business become an industry? 

As a Party and as VOTERS, – we must abandon any candidate without a plan to cut taxes, and the demonstrated resolve to do it if elected.

Since Chief Justice Roberts has ruled that ObamaCare is a tax, – it must go!


People get put in prison for tax evasion and fraud.   Corrupt government employees and officials should do prison time too

This would include officials like DHS Janet Napolitano and Governor Patrick – who refuse to enforce laws they don’t like, – such as laws requiring illegals to be deported and welfare cheats to be prosecuted.

Any government employee who invokes the 5th Amendment before Congress should be fired on the spot!

SCHOOLS: Our schools must stop being incubators of socialist voters!

We must start teaching American History, Government, Economics, and World History, – and stop the nonsense of celebrating diversity – at taxpayer expense.

We need God back in our schools, prayer on our athletic fields, and American patriotism as a fundamental of the core curriculum.  We MUST stop graduating politically-correct brain-dead robots from our high schools!

Republicans must fight ‘Common Core’ in every school committee meeting!


The Death Penalty is BOTH Justice for victims and Society, and an effective deterrent.

Some crimes are so hideous they deserve nothing less.
Had Adam Lanaz – the Newtown school shooter – committed his crime in Massachusetts – and been captured alive – as was Colorado movie shooter James Holmes, – he wouldn’t be executed.  Michael McDermott still languished in our prison, and Dzhokar Tsarnaev may not be executed either.


babiesAnyone claiming to be ‘Republican’ – who won’t fight to protect the unborn and the elderly – is NOT a Republican.

We must be steadfast in our opposition to Planned Parenthood – which is just a government-run abortion mill

A civilized society must not be killing it’s babies!  PERIOD!

The ONLY people opposed to the Death Penalty but claiming to ‘be for a woman’s right to choose’,  – are either regurgitating words, – or are blatant hypocrites!  In either case, they’re NOT Republicans!

1st and 2nd AMENDMENTS:

Any would-be office holder attempting to run as a Republican MUST be able to articulate the interaction of our 1st and 2nd Amendments, – with both historical and modern-day context.

If they can’t – or won’t – they are either not a Republican – or are too damn dumb to bother with.

They must be able to articulate what is an ‘assault weapon’ – and what isn’t.  Frankly, they should be NRA / GOAL members, and have a License To Carry.  I want politicians who walk the walk!



One single incident pretty much paints the picture.  Last Thursday – with the Gomez election just four (4) short days away – I got my mass emailing from Kirsten – inviting me to her fundraiser – for HER Quincy City Council re-election.   I replied asking if she was serious…   She sent a personal note assuring me she was.

Ponder that! Four days ahead of a US Senate vote she is preoccupied with – and distracts us with HER CAMPAIGN???

Then Sunday came the last-minute oh-Shit email from MassGOP attorney Vincent DeVito [an Agenda 21 attorney] looking for poll watchers…? Sunday night Vinny?
Muffy still listed



This was in my morning email.  Just 2 hours after a RiNO [at best] candidate lost by 10% to a 40-year career dork, – someone is championing last election’s losing RiNO to run AGAIN – for Governor?!?!  INSANE!

In 2010, Baker lost to the DUMBEST governor of 50 – turning sure loser Deval Patrick into a presidential contender.  And now with the Gomez campaign down in flames someone wants to go with Baker A G A I N ? 

We must purge ourselves of this mindset!  

We will NEVER again be able to attract those ‘unenrolled’ voters with a RiNO. Scott Brown’s on-the-job self-serving performance in Washington ruined that – forever! 

We need a MassGOP Chair 100% committed to THAT job….  Time is short! The race to replace Markey begins…  [How…does one replace a vacuum..?]

Training Replacement



2014 Aftermath:  Charlie Baker is our governor-elect. He is NOT a Republican, – not even close. Hughes and Kaufman did everything possible – legal and ILLEGAL to keep Mark Fisher off the Primary Ballot. They didn’t want a Conservative!

Ed “the Ice Cream Man” Markey has been re-elected to a full 6-year term.

Fake Republican Brian Herr ran a tepid campaign – largely because he strongly believes in the principles of the Democratic – Socialist Party.

Hughes and Kaufman totally IGNORED Frank Addivinola – who sadly came up short 400 of 10,000 signatures needed, – and was kept OFF the ballot at the MassGOP convention.

If each of the 80-members of the State Committee had turned in just five (5) valid signatures each,  Frank would have been on the Primary Ballot.  And unenrolled voters might have been energized.

He would have had a fighting change, but again these treacherous leaders ONLY want candidates that SUPPORT gay issues, aborting, marijuana, gambling casinos and strict gun control / gun confiscation.

Massholes have just returned 10 of 10 Democrats to a Republican-Controlled Congress, where they won’t be of any use to our state.

Ponder that: ALL ELEVEN (11) of our Reps in Congress are now in the MINORITY PARTY! Several were unopposed!

And once again in the months leading up to the election – there was NO UNIFIED STATE-WIDE REPUBLICAN MESSAGE. Key issues like the failures of the DFC to protect at-risk kids – went unmentioned.

Kristen Hughes covered up the sins of the Democrats as effectively as if she was on Deval Patrick’s payroll!  

RiNOs and RepubliCRATS are undoubtedly proud of their successful deception and subversion of our Party.  Sadly, – they’ve been subverting our country in the process!  Soros is so proud of them…. 

34 Responses to “Kirsten Hughes: Mother Of Defeat!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    We need a better group of candidates for sure. We Also need a massGOP to be willing to SUPPORT its state government candidates and its candidates for national office. Candidates who will be articulate. Candidates who will stick to the issues that most of us care about. We need to shrink government, not grow it. That should be the number one priority issue for our candidates. And we need better debaters for candidates. Ones who can spell out in detail both our side of all arguments AND their opponents. You cannot expect to win the debate, if you cannot spell out your opponent’s viewpoint and detail why it is wrong. Point by point. Period.

  2. Harry Huckum

    You were too harsh.

    Gomez was a horrible candidate who I am sure would never have listened to Hughes if she suggested he change tactics.

    Holly Robichaud with help from Karl Rove and Dick Morris could not have brought this guy across the finish line ahead of Markey.

    BUT they will run him in a statewide race in ’14 even though he sucks as a _conservative_ candidate.

    I pray that Mike Sullivan runs for Attorney General or something like that.


    P.S. Poopie Pants must go.

  3. Kevin Macomber

    You touched on the topic, but don’t believe that people are understanding much of the issue is the MA GOP State Committee. Until weak members can be replaced and a solid leader for Chair be elected, the same pathetic results will continue. While one can’t say that Rick Green could have brought a victory, there is little doubt that the GOP turnout and margin of loss would have been much better.

    Regarding comments on MA Conservative blog, it is ‘very’ clear that Gomez was viewed as no more than a Markey Light. He inspired few as will be demonstrated by what will probably be a historically low turnout.

  4. Len Mead

    OK, 2 posts for me in one day — this has to be sickening for your readers.

    BUT — no, Mike, you didn’t “go too far” in your through analysis of Gomez’s loss and the critical national issues now before Conservatives.

    My only suggestion for Conservatives (relative to your suggested Republican positions) is to leave out the right to life position you propose — just leave out this wedge personal issue and pledge to leave existing laws asserting that one “personally objects to abortion.”

    Meanwhile, you’re right on with everything else. The existing Republican description of a politician is so tarnished only calling one’s self a CONSERVATIVE Republican makes any sense now to voters. But there’s no Conservative forum of state-wide strength from which to run in this state now except the individual Tea Parties.

    The current MAGOP hates Tea Parties as a threat to their cocktail party clique circles and the unwashed Tea Partiers don’t endorse candidates as a Tea Party group but members will walk through fire for candidates they feel support the limited constitutional government, less taxation Tea Party principles.

    I used to think I had a political solution for this state. No more.

  5. John O'Mara

    Iron Mike, you’re spot on.

    May I seriously suggest that you publish your observations/
    recommendations in the form of a Citizen’s/Candidate’s
    “Bible” to be used as a reminder of what true Conservatives
    stand for, and how we can eventually win back our state.


  6. Mary Pavilonis

    Ok, here goes …

    Mike Sullivan should have been the republican running, he won every primary debate and all the straw polls save the first which Winslow stocked with supporters …
    His answers were thoughtful, concise, and had clear steps this country and our state needed to take in order to straighten out the tragic mess our country is in right now. (thanks a whole lot to the white guilt vote in “08 ). He would have dismantled Markey in a public debate and the powers that be would not have it! Mike would have been even better than A Brown victory, because he is a true fiscal conservative that doesn’t compromise his personal faith and core values … So the media in this state which is clearly in Obamas and Devolves pockets, hammered Mike on the social issues much like the fake War on Women with Mitt .

    Ok folks, he lost the primary because

    Winslow was the spoiler, a negative rabble rouser put in to turn the independents off .. Worked like a charm The Cahill of the primary if I may …

    Gomez was the plant. Sent in to the race by his $$ supporters ( Deval, Obama and Co.) and coached like a robot on what to say … Navy Seal, term limits, and poured money in to ads during hockey and ball games so most half drunk me n would say hey he’s a seal must be a great guy … um not so much!

    So as far as blaming the chair .. well maybe partially, but this race was bought and paid for,

    White House gets pretty much anything they want anyway they have to get it!

  7. Sick of MAGOP

    The Mass GOP is a clique that enjoy their own limelight and their perks. They are simply interested in power—not the health of an opposition party to counter the bizarre democrat party. I’m not so sure now that the state as an entirety will ever be able to elect a Republican or a conservative candidate. Massachusetts is now a welfare state—top to bottom. This state will not change until there is a catastrophic political or natural event.

    When Mary Connaughton was defeated, endorsed by the Globe, I came to the obvious realization that at present, a Republican will not be elected to a major executive seat for some time and the GOP should be concentrating on local elections, reps and senators. It is simply reality—as long as you deny it and continue to beat your head against the wall—the only thing you will accomplish is killing more grey cell and giving yourself a headache.

    Want to shock people–next election—run no candidates at all—make the election unopposed–think that will garner national attention!

  8. Christine Cedrone

    That is my little girl at a valentines event in my community. Please remove her from the picture. She does not deserve this.


    I’ve blurred her face Christine, but I am frankly stunned to learn that this is a recent photo!

    No wonder the job at the MassGOP isn’t getting done!

  9. Maryann Flaherty

    Does it matter how long ago the picture was taken? Two Republicans volunteered at a church ever for children and you exploit their volunteering AND use the image of a minor? You are discouraging community service by posting the picture of a kind deed and twisting it into something that it isn’t. How very Democratic of you. Did you stop and think about that child or her parents before you posted the pic? The child shouldn’t be needlessly thrown into politics. BTW, the picture is 1 1/2 years old.


    No Maryann, – I was thinking of the key election we just lost – because the RiNO-infested MassGOP leadership wasn’t doing their job.

    Now I’m informed that our MassGOP Chair is still doing dress-up events….as Cinderella…?

    I wonder how many of the 80 members of the State Committee knew that when they voted her in…?

  10. Maryann Flaherty

    No one here is happy about yesterday. Fact is, you don’t post pictures of kids and when someone calls you on it, you don’t make excuses because you don’t like someone else in the picture or because the Republicans lost another one. Those two put on a memorable event for some kids. You are loosing sight of the big picture if you can’t give credit where credit is due.

    Perhaps your question might better be worded, ‘how many of the 80…knew that she gave of her time so willingly to the community’? It’s all about perspective and I think you’ve lost yours. If you have an issue with an elected official, deal with the issues. Volunteering at a church event is NOT an issue. Being able to know that is what imakes us better than the Democrats.

  11. Ben

    What happened yesterday was not a huge endorsement of Ed Markey and his values. In my opinion, he actually ran a worse campaign than Coakley did in 2010. The big difference was the “Republican” candidate was a complete loser who alienated the base of the party and got what he deserved.
    I just want to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we, the conservative community in Massachusetts, have made HUGE strides since 2008. Then, there was barely a conservative movement to speak of. Now, the state committee is split almost 50-50 between the conservatives and RINO’s. We fell ONE vote short of getting Rick Green as party chair and we have a proud conservative in Chanel Prunier as our new National Committeewoman. We won special elections for Peter Durant, Keiko Orrall and Leah Cole and they along with other great legislators like Shaunna O’Connell and Jim Lyons are fighting the good fight representing us on Beacon Hill. As Iron Mike can appreciate, this is a war and while we’ve lost some battles, we’ve won our fair share too and the battle continues.
    One last point. I know Charlie Baker may not be everyone’s favorite, but I saw him at an event last month and I believe he realizes the mistakes he made in 2010 and will be better prepared in 2014. However, if he runs, he will need to have a strong conservative on the ticket with him and rumor is he’s interested in O’Connell. I’d buy that ticket.

  12. Sick of MAGOP

    How about O’Connell running and Baker as a running mate?

    O’Connell has been at the plate holding feet to the fire. I had a long talk with Baker at an event and he blew me off and my warnings came to fruition. The problem with many of these candidates, to include Mitt Romney, they and their handlers think they are just a tad smarter than all the folks out there who bust their asses for them (too cute by half), and then they wonder why people don’t even bother to vote—gee—what a shocker.

    Even more incredibly—they make the same mistake over and over again. I wouldn’t vote for Baker for dog catcher. You get just one bite of the apple with me now—I’m sick of these people. I consider myself a pragmatic Tea Party member—I will never support a RINO—under any conditions. Gomez wasn’t a joke—he was an insult.

  13. Jennifer Logue

    As the other volunteer pictured in the photo above, I can attest that this photo was taken in February 2012 — nearly a year before Kirsten Hughes assumed her role as Mass. GOP Chair. As others have pointed out, she volunteered her time to help entertain children at a local church event. (Would that more local elected officials spent their time volunteering in the community.) You have every right to voice your opinion on the recent election and its outcome; to exploit, however, a past photo of a local Republican official volunteering at a community event — and to use, without permission, a child’s photo! — demonstrates another reason Republicans do so poorly in Massachusetts: namely, the vicious and unproductive sniping and Monday morning quarterbacking within the party itself. As one longtime Mass. Republican activist once noted, “When you circle the wagons, you’re supposed to shoot OUT, not IN.”


    TY Jennifer. As I stated last night, I posted the picture thinking it was 10 years old – from her Disney days. If you were the Snow White character – you certainly looked like a professional actress.

    We don’t need permission to use photos already in the public domain, particularly when used as political commentary, editorial, or satire.

    You and Kirsten’s circle of friends need to stop trying to misdirect the focus here.

    Ed Markey is now a US Senator – because the MassGOP under Ms. Hughes FAILED to vet Gomez.

    The result of HER FAILURE and HER SILENCE was the Republican Party ran an OBAMA SUPPORTER – a FAKE REPUBLICAN -for that seat. She BLEW IT! BIGTIME!

  14. Timothy Dillon

    This was the first article I ever read on this blog and I have to say, in my opinion, it was spot on. I still can’t believe how many people I know, who I thought were actual conservatives, suddenly hopped on the Gomez bandwagon. I will support a candidate but if my candidate doesn’t get the nomination, and the person who does is not conservative, then I am done, period.

    This isn’t an episode of American Idol, this is for the Republic. Hoping to get the seat for the imagery of what it will say about the party, when that person is a friggen RINO, is completely dangerous. When someone like a Gomez or McCain occupies a seat, that seat is practically worthless. They can never be counted on to vote for key issues. The Democrats would still have had a majority.

    With Gabe though, they would have had a Republican to vote along with them ‘in the spirit of bipartisanship’, instead of someone going to Washington to help put a stop to the liberal, progressive, communist infestation. I hope some people have woken up and learned that when someone like Gomez wins a primary, it’s OK to accept the loss and just walk away.

  15. Jennifer Logue

    As I said, I have no problem with your comments about the election. You have every right to voice your opinions on why this election went down the way it did. But I DO take exception to your using a personal photo that shows Kirsten — a local elected Republican official — volunteering her time at a community event for children and mocking her for it.

    While I have no problem with my image being used, children are another matter. That image is a personal photo taken by a friend of her child (who happens to be legally blind) and no doubt was shared with Kirsten on Facebook to thank her for volunteering at this event. You easily could have made your point about the election without exploiting this child and mocking Kirsten’s volunteer efforts in the process.

    But then, I guess you’d have had to change the name of your blog to “Reasonable Republican” and what fun would that be?


    Welcome back Jennifer.

    The picture stays. I’m reliably told it was already published in your local newspaper, it’s been public property for commentary since…

    In your misdirected anger you’re putting out too much info on the young lady, – you ~ might ~ want to think before you type…

    AND, you should redirect your anger at the MassGOP ‘leadership’ [including Cinderella] who continue to FAIL US – election-after-election. Of course, if you’re a Democrat yourself, you’re tickled pink!

    BTW, what exactly is a ‘reasonable Republican’ in your mind? One that smiles politely as socialists trample our Constitution and destroy our Republic from within, – while apologizing to our sworn enemies?

  16. Maryann Flaherty

    Mike-you have comnpletely lost focus and objectivity. If you can’t see that what you did crossed so many lines,then you have become blinded with rage. Step back and look at the big picture. I completely understand your anger over what is happening to the Republican Party. That is one issue. There is an image of a minor who is with two Republican VOLUNTEERING at a community event and you have used the image for a purpose that was not intended when it was released. What you did was probably completely legal. It was not at all ethical. Do you really need to do that to make a point? You can’t make your point without being unethical? Perhaps that says as much about you as it does the Republicans that you are so busy trying to bring down. I used to read your blog to be kept up to date and hear all views within the party. I am now viewing your blog as just a blog run by a mad man who has no regard for decency. It is possible to make a point without
    exploiting children and charities. You have lost credibility with a lot of people.

  17. Jennifer Logue

    The photo in question ran in the local paper — WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE CHILD’S PARENT — in an article about the charity event. It was not used to mock someone for political purposes.

    You’re free to keep the photo up; but your choice to use it in the first place says far more about you than it does about Kirsten Hughes. (Personally, I’d rather have a Republican elected official who volunteers her time to make children happy at a charity event in her community than the crew of morally bankrupt Democrats this state has elected time and again, but that’s just me!)

    As for my Republican credentials, I held my first sign for a Republican candidate back in 1971 when I was 5 years old, and I’ve been volunteering my time and energy to elect Republican candidates ever since. I’d even venture to guess that I’ve helped elect more Republicans than you have (and I didn’t have to exploit any children to do it!)

    Finally, in my view a reasonable Republican is one who can express his views respectfully and channel those views into PRODUCTIVE action that will actually help elect Republicans. I suspect, however, that your chosen blog name is a much better fit that reflects your desire to sit on the sidelines ranting and raving rather than roll up your sleeves and do the hard work of electing candidates.

  18. sad4magop

    All is fair in love, war and politics. Big girls and boys know this going in to it.

    I think the point the blog is making is that perhaps Ms. Hughes is not a hard nosed tough warrior such as, say perhaps a John Walsh? Do you think perhaps a tougher, more experienced fighter is who we need to lead us out of this mess? It is a fair question, and pictures do speak a thousand words. By example, would John Walsh ever embrace a Democrat candidates who wrote letters to a Republican Governor looking for appointments, or donated to Republicans?

    If however we do find a picture of Mr. Walsh in Disney dress, I would expect it to be Pinnochio.

  19. Jennifer Logue

    If your only goal is to sink to the level of the Democrats, then congratulations: You’ve succeeded. Personally, I think you’re giving far too much weight to the role of the party chair in this or any other election. John Walsh’s much vaunted union machine didn’t beat Scott Brown, did it? And do you really think Jennifer Nassour (with all due respect to her) deserves the full credit for Scott Brown’s win? I certainly don’t.

    Scott Brown won because he embraced an issue (defeating Obamacare) that galvanized conservatives here in Massachusetts and across the nation. If he had lost, would you have laid the entire defeat at Jenn Nassour’s doorstep? I don’t think so. Likewise, I don’t believe it’s fair or accurate to lay the entire blame for the Gomez debacle at Kirsten Hughes’ doorstep.

    I happen to agree with much of what you have to say about Gabriel Gomez. I was appalled by the letter to Deval Patrick and the way he shamelessly groveled and pledged his fealty to Obama — and said so publicly, much to the shock and dismay of my longtime Republican friends. I made no secret of the fact that I would not support a candidate who thought it would be cool to be a U.S. senator and that sticking an “R” after his name would make it easier to become one.

    But the reality is, Kirsten Hughes did not anoint Gabriel Gomez as the Republican nominee; the voters did (don’t ask me why; I wasn’t one of them). To blame the party chair for this loss when by your own admission the candidate himself was flawed — and to mock her for volunteering at a children’s event — is in my opinion unjustified and uncalled for.

  20. sad4magop

    Jennifer – Your credbility is flailing. First you say it’s about the picture. That the blog is free to comment on the election. Then when I explain the message the photo is trying to convey, you revert to debating the point the blog is trying to make. Which is entirely your right, but it seems that now it wasn’t the picture that was your concern at all; it was in fact the blame being laid upon leadership.

    Regardless, let’s remember that it was Ron Kaufman who gave us this guy, not Ms. Hughes. It was Kaufmann who brought GG to Washington BEFORE the Primary, and it as Kaufmann who was the first to tout GG to the State Party. We agree, in the blame pie, Kaufmann gets the biggest piece.

  21. sad4magop

    So it really wasn’t the picture? It was your concern the KH is talking too much of the blame here. I agree. After all it was Ron Kaufmann who first brought this guy to our attention. It was RK who brought GG to Washington BEFORE he Primary. Kaufmann has a history of associating with and propping up people (remember Bob Maginn?) who help out the Democrats financially and otherwise. Before Kaufmann came on the scenes, we were a viable party. Now, we are in ruins. Hughes is a least trying to rebuild the mess that Kaufmann has created. She may not have the wherewithal to do it, but she is a role player here, not the lead character.

  22. Mr. X

    While I do agree that Kirsten Hughes may have used party resources to get out the vote for Gomez, it was National Committeeman, Ron Kaufman, who drafted, groomed, and thrust the RINO Gomez on the MASS GOP and the electorate.

    Mr. Kaufman gave Gomez a whirl wind tour of D.C. and then packaged and presented him to the Republican Party of Massachusetts disregarding Gomez’s record on letter’s of support, praise, and begging to be appointed the Senator to Democrat Governor Deval Patrick and donations to the Barack Obama campaign.

    Ron Kaufman is a self serving, egotistical ruling class establishment elitist and he must go if our party is to embrace conservative grass roots initiatives and fare candidates that are a contrast to liberal policies and not a comparison to them because we lose races when Republican candidates espouse how liberal they can be. Oust Kaufman and folks like Kirsten Hughes will get the message.

  23. Jennifer Logue

    Two separate issues that have nothing to do with my credibility. As I said (and will repeat for the last time), I have no problem with the author of this blog expressing his opinion on the election; I simply felt using a photo that included a child without the parents’ permission — and expressly for the purpose of ridiculing someone for political purposes — was exploitative and uncalled for.

    My later comments were a follow-up to those of sad4magop who raised the issue of John Walsh and questioned whether a “tougher” leader could have won this race. Don’t pose a question, then accuse those who respond of changing their views simply because they answered it a new question.

    I must say, I’m not to go crying “sexism” at the drop of a hat (far from it), but from the comments (and photo choices) above, it seems as though sexism is alive and well in the GOP — or at least on this blog. I don’t recall the former male GOP party chairs having much success in electing Republicans either. So how about we leave gender and personal ridicule out of this debate and focus on identifying what the Mass. GOP could have done differently so we can improve our performance next time?


    Before you EVEN start ringing the ‘sexist’ bell Jennifer, go Google two items: “Runty Maginn” and “Chocolate Pants” + Kaufman

    I’m hard on everybody – boys, girls, rats, mice, worms, snakes…

    We’re not pretending to be ‘politically correct’ here. We’re losing our Republic and our kids’ futures by the minute. Today the Senate is giving away our country to illegal Mexicans. Has Markey been sworn in yet to join them, or will Cowan get to do the dirty job?

    The picture you keep ranting about STAYS UP!

    The fact that you divert attention from the LEADERSHIP problem to the picture PROVES that too many ‘Republicans’ in this state have NO FRIGGING CLUE about how badly they’re being manipulated – and sold down the river….

    Sadly, that seems to include YOU!

    Your FRIEND Kirsten may be a very nice PERSON. She FAILED to see the danger and FAILED to sound the ALARM. She seems to have been wire-guided by Kaufman, – and in love with the words ‘navy SEAL’.


    The MASSGOP has once again LOST an election. Ron Kaufman is running the show and Kristen is just ONE of his puppets.

    Un-enrolled conservative voters in MA have been saying over and over again. ” Give me a Republican Candidate that stands for what the Republican Party stands for and I will vote for that candidate.”

    We need to bring these un-enrolled conservatives back into the party. These voters have walked from the Republican Party in MA because we keep running candidates that look more and more like Democrats. Each time the MASSGOP ( under the direction of Kaufman)keep promoting Liberal Republican Candidates the un-enrolled voter walks away!

    Kaufman just keeps rolling out one more “Democrat Infiltator” and calling them a Republican. Gomez was so far over the fence it was a joke.

    Ron Kaufman NEEDS to go. Gomez was his pick. Kaufman owns the loss.


    Ron Kaufman is running the MASSGOP and Kirsten Hughes is nothing but ONE of his puppets.

    We will continue to lose elections as long as Kaufman is in control. Gomez was a Democrat wearing a Republican Shirt.
    Kaufman picked this Democrat to run and he owns the loss.

    The Republican Party has lost membership over the years because Kaufman keeps giving us candidates that are “liberal Democrats”. I keep hearing from un-enrolled voters ” Give me a Republican Candidate that stands for the principles that the Republican Pary has always stood for and I will VOTE for that candidate.”

    Kaufman NEEDS to GO!

  26. Kojack

    There are more UN-ENROLLED DUMBOCRATS and RiNO’s than there are UN-ENROLLED CONSERVATIVES in the state and they keep interfering in the GOP primaries. If we have closed primary elections the conservatives will come home to the GOP and the un-enrolled DUMBOCRATS and RiNO’s will be forced to reveal who they are and lose their ability keep conservative candidates out.

  27. Kaufman is a Joke

    GLAD TO SEE that someone finally cut through all this distraction and mentioned the K-man: Ron Kaufman, the MassGOP’s string-puller who has orchestrated every loss.

    Time to wake up boys and girls.

    Iron Mike: All sides are going to distance themselves from you out of fear. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. They don’t realize, sometimes you have to SPEAK THE TRUTH and be blunt and rip out the rotten boards to re-build.

    KAUFMAN must go.
    This Hughes gal is a wonderful party-organizer: social party that is. She was never ready for prime time. She can’t stand toe-to-toe with the Dems.

  28. Lonnie Brennan

    Hey Mike,
    Looked like you HIT A NERVE!

    Let’s see if I get this right:

    1. Kaufman does it again: supports a DEMOCRAT $$$ donator to run for an office as a Republican, and LOSES (what’s that 100 losses thus far I think is the count?)

    2. MassGOP Chair Kirsten Hughes announces HER OWN Nov. Re-election, and upcoming July FUNDRAISER for HERSELF just days before the GOMEZ election….DID ANYONE HEAR HER ON THE RADIO? SEE HER ON TV? SEE HER IN THE FRONT-AND-CENTER ALL OVER THE STATE since she got elected promoting solid Republican values? ….crickets…

    and folks get pissed at YOU for posting a picture of Hughes in a Disney Dress?



    Chocolate Pants did MORE than just ‘support’ Gomez – he shoved him down the MassGOPs throat! [Hmmm,…or maybe inserted him in their other end…?]

    In any case the Obama-Reid-Kaufman plan was for a softy / pushover senator – even if the Cardboard Man [Chevy Chase Eddie] managed to lose… They were counting votes after 2014 – in case of impeachment.

  29. Christine Cedrone

    I am upset that Mike posted MY daughter at a church function. I asked Mike to take her out of the picture and he refused. He blurred her face – not enough! There is absolutely no reason why my child should be in that picture and we all know that he could have cropped her out. A disgrace and extremely disrespectful.

    How would you feel if you had a child and a this happened to them?


    As you pointed out Christine – once I knew the photo was recent [I’d thought it 10+ years old] – I blurred the child’s face. It was Y-O-U who had it published in YOUR local newspaper!

    It is YOU and your friends who keep drawing attention to it – to DIVERT ATTENTION from Kirsten’s FAILURES as a leader….

    For YEARS we Republicans have asked you MassGOP committee members to vote in SOLID LEADERS – REPUBLICAN ONES….

    Did you? Oh HELL NO! You gave us Torky, Momma Kangas, Barbie, Runty, Muffy, Chocolate Pants, and now the Mouseketeer….

    And somehow,…SOMEHOW…we keep losing elections…? Maybe it’s time for the Merrimac Street RiNO club to disband. How about retiring Christine? Take a few of your do-nothing RiNO friends with you!


  30. Harry Huckum

    Seriously… You are upset at Mike?

    He blurred the picture, which is the standard in Media.
    I would understand your being upset if he hadn’t blurred it out.

    You have nothing to complain about!
    The picture was in the public domain.

  31. Kojack

    Christine, your not fooling anyone…..this is just a clumsy ATTEMPTED diversion from the REAL issue…..give it up, learn and move on.

  32. Ian Farquhar

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