Kirsten Hughes – Just Say It Isn’t So!

Posted January 29th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Kirsten Raised TaxesTell us
you didn’t vote
to raise taxes!

With age come experience – and learning to trust your instincts. On the two occasions I’ve had to observe Ms. Hughes up close, my instincts were screaming at me: ‘Something ain’t right here!’

Now on my computer screen is a report by way of Red Mass Group – that MassGOP Chair Candidate Kirsten Hughes is no real republican – she voted to RAISE TAXES on her night job – as City Counselor of Quincy.

Kirsten, do you understand this undercuts all of your credibility?

Raising taxes is a Democrat thing – not a Republican thing!

You can talk all you want about ‘door knocking’ – your actions prove what your really are – a Scott Brown acolyte at best, – more likely just another Fake Republican.

Folks, there are still some ‘undecided’ committee critters out there – and some who appear to want Kirsten [mainly because she’s a woman?]. Reach out to as many as you can find and ask them to support a real Republican – the gentleman from Pepperell.

It is your State Committee Critters – 80 of them [1 man / 1 woman from each State Senate District] – who will elect your next MassGOP Party Chair – Thursday nite at the Crowne Plaza in Natick.  They need to hear from you!

9 Responses to “Kirsten Hughes – Just Say It Isn’t So!”

  1. TeaTime

    She is perfect for the postition.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    We need real Republicans, not RiNOs or Republicrats who have done nothing to advance the GOP in recent history. Rick Green is a breath of fresh air whic the Mass GOP needs desperately.

  3. Karen G

    I just sent mail to both Burke and Kangas and asked them to please consider supporting Rick Green to the chair…

  4. Walter Knight

    I don’t care. She’s hot.


    You DON’T LIVE HERE Walter….

  5. Sheryl

    Kirsten is a light weight…. here we go again! It will be Scott brown all the time once again! Conservatives need to walk away from the MassGOP! Ugh! When Mass GOP sent out a mailer to explain that Scott Brown supports planned parenthood we have a problem Houston!

  6. Kevin Macomber

    There is an old Southern saying “if you do what you’ve done, you’ll get what you got.” A vote for Kristen will continue to neuter the Party and the alliance with Conservatives.

  7. Phil Dann

    Hughes represents what we have been doing wrong for the last 10 years. However, even if she wins, there is no stopping the Conservative movement here in Mass. The MassGop has new members and new blood that will finally push through this. Green represents the future, he may not get elected to this current state comm, he will however have a huge impact on the Republican Party in the years to come.

  8. Sam Adams

    Burke and Kangas???

    The only reason they (and others) haven’t “committed” is because their heads are so far up the butts of the RINO division, they still had their nose and ear plugs in and didn’t get the call.

    The MassGOP (as well as the RNC) is irrelevant, and will forever be irrelevant until and unless it decides that a leader of a movement that is supposed to be the opponent of Marxists/communists will only garner respect from the voters
    if that leader stands for something.

    They don’t stand for anything except themselves and what’s in it for them if they get elected.
    Nobody wants to follow that anymore.

  9. Jim Buba

    Mr. Knight, you should have seen her in December when she was a million months pregnant.

    As an aside, just how effective would she be when everything goes wrong for no reason with the youngster?

    Right, sort of plays into that ‘War on Women’ crap, but if you needed to hear ‘Image Problem’ or ‘Old white men’ a dozen times in the same night, you should have attended the Lexington debate.

    There it was, in all its glory, we’re AFU and she will lead the urban revolution… because the GOP has an Image Problem being Old white men and all that, so we Old Farts don’t know how to make phone calls or knock on doors.

    She’s got that right too. They don’t. They also don’t pony up to hire younger women and men to do that like the Democrats do. What you saw last November, was the finest campaign that $11.67/hr could buy. Yet, for the $42 million she was present while being raised, it didn’t pay one cent for sign bangers, buttons or thugs.

    If you want to battle the Blue Hats, you have to take ’em out at the knees. Let them worry about their ACL injuries while on Obama Care.

    Vote Green. That’s what you tell the committee man and woman in your district. Rick is as Green as the GOP ever needs to be. Devoted to family and party with a willingness to lead by example only comes once in a lifetime.

    Don’t miss the chance to set things right.