Kirsten Gillibrand Is A Victim!

Posted August 28th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Those mean misogynist Democrat men touched her and talked about her…body!Senator Kirsten Gillibrand - Victim

What to do, – report them? To Whom? The Senate Police?

NO! BE THE VICTIM!  Write a book!

And so she did! Now she’s dropping hints about all those mean men – menDemocrat men in Gillibrand's bookthe US Senate – who dropped remarks, – teased her, touched her, and ‘made her feel like an unwanted visitor in the Old Boy’s Club’.

Aww, Kirsten, we feel for you.

You went to Washington to continue the Socialist Crusade of Hillary Clinton, – and Democrats treated you like a New York City call girl?

Which one squeezed your waist and said “…don’t lose too much weight now, – I like my girls chubby!”

C’mon Girl, you can tell us, – was it Fat Teddy or Lurch?

Maybe Bob Menendez, – he’s always got sex on his mind…?

I’m betting that Chuck Schumer was in on it…right?

Damn! And you’re such a high-class well-bred socialist chick too….

So now you want us to buy your book – and start to think that you’re already Vice Presidential material?

Sorry, but after Obama, we don’t need any more ‘victims’ as our national leaders!

Try to remember how much good revealing his abuse at summer camp did for Scott Brown. Hint: he wasn’t re-elected, and had to change states.

Frankly Porky, – we the People are your victims! Try reading our Constitution during one of your workouts.  Harry Reid may think you “the Hottest”, – but except for Barbara Boxer, – we think you’re the Dumbest!

But then Harry is used to Las Vegas girls, – maybe he likes them hot and dumb? Well, he is surrounded by a goodly number of willing whores….he should be a very happy old man.

Harry Reid  women senators


Democratic political thinking ALWAYS divides people into little groups, – then proclaims each group a ‘VICTIM’ – of some other group.

The ONLY solution they ever have is another massive law, and another massive tax to pay for it.

NOTE:   If you’re thinking this posting was a sexist attack on Kirsten Gillibrand; – YOU are a victim of 60+ years of Progressive brainwashing.   Wise up! 

A United States Senator shouldn’t be proclaiming him / herself a ‘victim’. They weren’t elected to be sniveling public victims; – they are supposed to be the wise elder statesmen of our Republic!

Call Gillibrand – tell her to WISE UP!  (202) 224-4451

The REAL VICTIMS are the 1,300,000 babies aborted each year – that Gillibrand voted funding for!

One Response to “Kirsten Gillibrand Is A Victim!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Sounds to me like she is just another professional victim. Not really worthy of our attention.