Kirsten Gillibrand Burns Her Drawbridge

Posted November 17th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It’s been good quiet fun watching the Democrat Party come unglued since last November when the Clinton Dynasty was brushed aside by voters fed up with frauds.   In recent months the series of Hollywood sex abuse scandals has added to the joy.

It was in this environment of sudden outrage that Senator Gillibrand (the Official Dumb Blonde of the US Senate) seemed to have forgotten how she got to be a senator,  – and castigated Bill Clinton over his affair with Monica Lewinsky.
The infighting and backstabbing quickly escalated…

Remember that Gillibrand was APPOINTED to the US Senate as an interim replacement for Hillary at the start of the Obama Administration.  The NY Governor who named her soon had to resign over sexual misconduct….

Then when the special election was called in 2010 the Clintons muscled all Democrat contenders out of her way. When 2012 rolled around Gillibrand cruised to victory with a 72% vote – she’s good through 2018 and will likely run again.

So she’s gotten cocky – and felt that in the current climate of hysteria over sexual misconduct by the rich and powerful, – she could safely fling her old mentors under the bus.

The Clinton Cartel Struck Back – QUICKLY!

Hillary’s faithful baggage carrier and office toady Philippe Reines struck back with a TWEET!

He reminder her of all the Clinton money she’d accepted to get elected and re-elected – and called her a hypocrite.

MIND YOU, for the various crimes that Reines personally committed while serving Hillary at State – and for covering up her many crimes and treasons…..he should be sitting in Leavenworth doing LIFE!

But there he was last night…

– a hypocrite calling another hypocritea hypocrite.

As I said – good quiet fun to watch them at each others throats!

4 Responses to “Kirsten Gillibrand Burns Her Drawbridge”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    I find it amazing how Democrats still think Clinton’s impeachment was about sex. It wasn’t about sex, it was about two counts of perjury (For you Dems, that’s lying under oath….), one count of obstructuon of justice (Again for you Dems, that was trying to get others to lie under oath…), and one count of abusive of power. Lucky for him, one perjury count and the abuse of power count didn’t stick….

    Now…..before you Democrat readers start getting wet pants over abuse of power and want to apply it to Trump, understand that in a legal sense, abuse of power requires (Requires…) commission of an illegal action that impacts one’s ability to honestly conduct one’s duties. For instance, Obama herding through an almost trillion dollar stimulus package that essentially went to various unions to prop up their under-funded pension programs, or to his buds at Solindra to chase their solar powered pie in the sky, other political cronies and maybe even to the moonbat friends of Michelle who wrote the Obamacare registration website; all, ostensibly and incidentally, as kickbacks for their massive contributions to his election and reelection campaigns… Oh my goodness, did he really do that?

    Clinton’s impeachment wasn’t about sex. It was about power and being a lying POS….

  2. Mt Woman

    Obviously dear Kirsten no longer needs the Clinton cartel’s support. Although Cartel cash campaign contributions is always gratefully accepted, my guess is that this will be not coming forth as the Clinton coffers are not being replenished as once were. She is a first class hypocrite, but then again, this is running rampant in DC. Drain the swamp!

  3. Hawk1776

    Now that nothing can be done insofar as impeaching Clinton is concerned she’s all for it. But what she’s really for is going after that mean and nasty Trump. Give me a break.

  4. GreenBeretLTC

    Both Clintons adore the sound of their own voices. HRC on the other hand needs to get over it, move on with her life, and like we old soldiers, just fade away….