‘King Of Bain’ Movie Due Out

Posted January 9th, 2012 by Iron Mike

The ‘EXPERTS’ have been telling us that Willard is ‘the MOST electable’.  Now an anti-Romney super-pac [which favors Newt] is about to release a hard-hitting movie – which ~ may ~ shatter the myth of Mitt as a ‘jobs creator’.  This could get ugly.  Too bad the MassGOP under Maginn has put all our eggs in the Willard basket.

9 Responses to “‘King Of Bain’ Movie Due Out”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    I plan on going up to NH in the AM, probably Bedford, and hold a sign for Newt and watch for the reaction. This negative super pac campaigning by Mitt and Newt could come back to bite them both if either is the nominee. The duo of Axelrod and Dailey and their oppostion research teams will use anything they can to fuel the most vicious campaign in the history of US politics. Mitt and Newt (and your super pacs) be careful what you wish for.

  2. Sam Adams

    These Republican need to stop attacking each other! They weaken the eventual nominee!

  3. OutsideThinker

    ^^ I agree with Sam Adams. That is why Ron Paul will win the nomination, or whoever else does will not have a chance at beating Obama. This is exactly what Obama wants….a divided Republican party that is self-destructing. Its almost sad. Newt’s image has been destroyed and so will Santorum’s. Romney and Paul are the only viable candidates now, due to all the negative ads. These Super PAC’s are going to bite the party in the ass come election day; mark my words.

  4. Jim Buba

    If that isn’t enough to wrangle your chain, then by all means forget about the fact that businesses are ultimately for sale when the price is right and it can be said that Romney and Bain know well how to sell out.

    http://www.newt.org/romneytaxes This video, well not much of a video at that, is a rolling list of all the fees that were raised by Governor Romney. You see, he didn’t raise taxes here, but we pay more for everything. Mitt calls them ‘User Fees’ and it wouldn’t be such a bad thing except we pay them on top of the nation’s highest taxes.

    One day, maybe, we can look forward to paying what it cost, either the fee or the tax. Not both.

  5. TeaTime

    The Republican Party IS divided. It is full of establishement RINOs who are fighting to hold onto their so-called “power”. Plus there is a tug-of-war with libertarians and tea partiers who are trying to pull it back to the right side.

    I don’t see one candidate I can fully stand behind. It is truly a disappointing field. And I don’t think it will matter much who is in office over the next four years – between the world economy, creeping sharia, and the entitlement mentality of people, we are is deep doo-doo.

  6. Rabid Republican

    At the risk of being contrary… Why are we against a President who can cut things? Cut government jobs. Cut taxes. Cut government spending. These things all need cutting. To cut them is to create a pathway to the private sector creation of jobs. Government never creates jobs that expand the economy. It’s time we get away from this “government creates jobs” thing. It’s bogus. And empowers the government. We don’t need any more of that. We need to depower the government.

    For me, I want less government. I want fewer government workers. If some of Bain’s business was taking over and cutting waste and selling assets, how about selling some of that valuable government land back to the citizenry? Government coffers are replenished, and private citizens prevent the encroachment of Agenda 21… rr

  7. Perplexed Senior

    To Outside Thinker and Tea Time, first of all Ron Paul will not be the nominee because his foreign policy and defense agendas are almost as far left as Obama. He will appeal to the leftist libertarians and even some of the Occupy Crowd (aka, “useful idiots”). And finally to Tea Time, I guesss you will be supporting Obama because none of the GOP candidates share your views and values. God help us all if we have another four years of this marxist experiment, 2012 may be our last free election. Anybody but Obama.

  8. Walter Knight

    Bush Sr. and Reagan had a very heated primary contest, then got together on the same ticket. We can unite in the fall.

  9. JOAN

    Romney says Bain capital was just the free market working, so why did he apply for and obtain a large government bailout?