King Obama Threatens Royal Edicts

Posted January 24th, 2012 by Iron Mike

I’ve just watched the WORST SOTU speech since Jimmy Carter.

But this one was far more sinister.

This angry pResident of ours is determined to move us into socialism – and several times threatened to do so by executive edict. For my money – the Republicans seated there were far too quiet about it.

Along with the threats we heard some new campaign buzzwords tonight including Basic Minimum Tax for business and An Economy Built To Last

Right in front of us Obama just created a new Czar to ‘investigate financial crimes connected with the sub-prime mortgages’.  Gee – how about investigating the Community Reinvestment Act – which forced the banks to make the shitty loans?

I ~ think ~ he also created a Czar for a new Trade Enforcement Unit.

There will be u-tube videos of the entire speech – I’ll try to post one Wednesday – but other high [low] lights included:

– renewed plea for a DREAM Actor he will issue an edict.

– a promise to open offshore areas for drilling

– repeating the myth that we only have 2% of the world’s oil

– placing ‘clean energy projects’ on federal lands [military bases and national forests] to power 3,000,000 homes within 1 year. [More Solyndras? On federal lands so the press can’t investigate?]

– ‘Roads & Bridges’ – to be built by executive order – union labor of course.

–  30% taxes for everyone earning over $1 Million [i.e. most Republican business owners].

The biggest irony was he touted the growth of Master Locks of Oak Creek, Wisconsin – claiming they have seen major job growth.  Does he realize that 9.8% unemployment has led to a major growth in crime?

Folks, Obama is either wicked cunning and totally evil, – or he is living is some sort of fantasy parallel world – and is thus delusional and dangerous.

We must vote him into oblivion this November, – vote him out so completely that he doesn’t spend the next four years lurking around the edges waiting for a comeback.


   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

BTW: they must have given Biden some ‘grownup pills’ – because he never cracked a smile all night!

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