Kim Jong-un Puts Himself On Our Ballot

Posted October 11th, 2020 by Iron Mike

In a predawn parade in Pyongyang,  the NorKs unveiled their new giant ICBM,  – carried on an equally impressive 22-wheel TEL.

We are left wondering if China Joe can find Pyongyang on an unmarked map…

There is a ~ slight chance ~ that these are fakes,  – part of a giant bluff.   But since they paraded four of them,  as a total surprise to the Western World,  – there’s a better chance that they’re real.

AND,  both these ICBMs and their transporters would have needed outside help to build,  – likely from China and Iran.

The REAL question is have the NorKs built enough bombs to put multiple warheads on each of these giants?

These missiles were displayed before daylight,  lending some tiny doubt that they’re real. They were not shown during the main daylight parade,  – so Kim might have wanted their hiding places kept secret from US spy satellites.



Do you like parades?    Here’s a 2+ hour one for you!

2-Hour Video: 

North Korea has an estimated 25.5 million people – with 1.3 million active duty troops and another 600,000 ready reservists.

Do the math:  7.5% of their population can be in uniform in the blink of an eye.

The only problem is that their people are starving.  The last NorK deserter to cross into South Korea was found in terrible health – with a bad case of worms.

Americans who want us to adopt AOC’s Green New Deal need to understand what happen to a country under the control of a dictator.

Hunger,  starvation,  pestilence,  and death are the inevitable outcomes.  NO EXCEPTIONS!


You can VOTE your way in,  – as has been happening across much of Europe since the end of WWI….and more recently Argentina and Venezuela….

…or you can FIGHT your way into it – – as happened in Russia,  Nazi Germany,  Italy,  Eastern Europe,  China,  North Korea,  Vietnam,  Cambodia,  Mexico, and Cuba….

But once you’ve surrendered your Freedom and your Guns, 

– the only way to be rid of it is a bloody revolution.

Americans should be thinking about the troublesome Mongolian Runt as they vote in 23 days,  because ~ should ~ China Joe and his Hoe win,  – come January 21st Kim will test them.

2 Responses to “Kim Jong-un Puts Himself On Our Ballot”

  1. Stubby Buddy

    Neither joe nor the ho can identify the country of North Korea from the map you posted, let alone have any idea where Pyongyang is.

    The sad truth is that neither could most people under 50, and far too many of those older than 50.

    “Coexist” dies the second someone ELSE wants you DEAD.

  2. Jim Buba

    I heard the Ho closed on a new house in NK

    How hard can it be to locate them? Limited highway capacity being what it is

    They do look Russian, the TELs

    █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █

    The Russians and Chinese both have 8-axel TELs…

    Russian 8-axel TEL