Kim Janey: Unready, Untrained, Unwise, Racist

Posted May 15th, 2021 by Iron Mike

God Help Boston, Mass!  This Summer of 2021 will be filled with racism,  confusion,  violence,  and unnecessary expenses.
All Hail AA/EEO and Cancel Culture!

Acting Mayor Kim Janey can’t even calculate an exit strategy from the COVID Lockdown,  – but she’s certain that her White police commissioner is unfit to command,  – and placed him on leave pending an ‘investigation’.   His last name is White; – he’s GOT TO GO!

When you’ve been a Boston Cop for three decades, you know a few lawyers…

Commissioner White called Nick Carter.  Now Boston will pay for more lawyers. 

When you have a city full of elected and appointed Democraps,  – you can be SURE the attorneys won’t starve.

Problem is:  with Boston headed into a summer with a conspicuously feeble pResident in the Oval Office,  and a lame duck governor in the Corner Office,  and an Acting Mayor who makes poor decisions,  – the city is a prime target for mobs of AntiFA and BLM to ruin the Coronavirus Economic Recovery and the Summer Tourist Season.

The LAST thing Boston needs right now is turmoil in the top ranks of the Police Department – already demoralized under now-departed Mayor Marty Walsh.

And with an election looming to replace Marty Walsh (now China Joe’s Secretary of Labor), every wannabe in town is trying to make something of Janey’s ham-handed attempt to fire the White Commissioner…

As the recently retired Police Commissioner William Gross (a Black man) said:

“You’re talking about a man, Dennis White, – who’s been promoted over six times by four different commissioners [and had been] working with Mayor Walsh,  at the time,  for seven years,” 

To cover her ass,  Acting Mayor Janey commissioned an “independent investigation” by Attorney Tamsin Kaplan of Davis Malm.

Kaplan produced a 19-page ‘report‘ – and laments loudly that cops wouldn’t talk to her.

Gee, Boston cops unwilling to talk to lawyers…?  Go figure!

So,….Janey seized on that to claim there is a BLUE WALL OF SILENCE,  and a culture which needs to change in the Police Department.

Chief Baston is her girl to make that happen – – if she can just bury White.

And then there is this information from a witness Attorney Kaplan failed to question:

No surprise there.  Attorney Kaplan had her marching orders,  – and had no interest in wasting time talking to an actual witness….

Acting Mayor Janey is a woman beset by a lifetime of poor decisions.  She was just 16 when she gave birth to her daughter.  Her resume reads “Community Organizer”.

Just this week Janey showed her distrust and contempt for the Boston Police when she signed a bill restricting use of tear gas,  bean bag shot,  rubber bullets,  and pepper spray.

AntiFA and BLM are very grateful!

Buckle up Boston,  and Ammo UP!

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Monday, 7 June 2021    Well this didn’t take long – racism wins!

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UPDATE:  Wed, 14 July 2021  Acting Mayor Kim Janey changes lawyers – spends more money!

It seems the low-cost team of Hodge & Simon from Stoneman, Chandler & Miller LLP weren’t giving the Acting Mayor the level of confidence she needed.

She just hired a BIG GUN – former US Attorney Brian T. Kelly of Nixon Peabody to make sure Chief White stays fired.

Kelly is famous for prosecuting Whitey Bulger.

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