Killing Off The NFL…

Posted July 3rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

I haven’t watched an NFL game in almost two years.  If this next travesty really happens, I’ll never watch another – EVER!

Last season’s continually empty stadiums should have sent shivers of fear through the NFL. Instead,  Roger Goodell seems impelled to bow and kneel to the cult of BLM, – paying lip service with the “Black National Anthem”.

Really bad ideas have a way of spreading – like having millionaire gladiators kneel to protest “police violence” – while they ignore totally Black-on-Black inner-city murder rates, – or the horrific rate Black babies are aborted in Planned Parenthood.

How will these girls kneeling stop Black gang murders in Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, St. Louis, or LA?   Do they understand they’re mimicking a political cult?

Hey Roger,  – we have a much more appropriate song for you to play as the NFL under your leadership fades into history….

Go ahead Roger – play that 120-year old song – instead of our national Anthem, – and know I’ll NEVER watch another game – EVER!

We don’t need two anthems and a divided Society, but you’re furthering Soros’ work.

Goodell thinks he’s kowtowing to and placating the BLM movement within his unionized players….

So it’s clear that Goodell never studied History either,  – he doesn’t understand how appeasement works in real life. 

Do you suppose he has a bunch of highly paid Black attorneys and PR people advising him at 245 Park Avenue in New York?

5 Responses to “Killing Off The NFL…”

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  2. Leonard Mead

    Obviously, Roger hasn’t appeased football unions enough.

    The trouble is, football fans can’t come to the games and won’t watch at home any game started by some “black” national anthem — whatever the heck that is.

    So good-by viewership of TV commercials, by-by football profits, and good-by FOOTBALL

    Len Mead
    Patriot season ticket holder for the first 15 years of the Patriots

  3. panther 6

    If this happens I will never watch another NFL Game. They will have trouble backing out of this one. If the NFL fails there will be a lot of players looking for work at very low wages. For some that is all they deserve.

    Go College FOOTBALL!

  4. Walter Knight

    Boycott football? I’ll boycott the City of Seattle, not football. Liberals have wanted to destroy football at all levels for a long time for no other reason than it’s a uniquely American institution. Don’t let it happen just because many black players are liberals.


    Walter, if these young Black NFL players want to exist is a separate (but equal) society – like back in the 50s and 60s, – that their grandfathers fought mightily to be rid of, then let them do it on THEIR OWN TIME.

    I want us to all be part of the American Society. PERIOD.

    So if they want to screw up Football (and now Basketball) – let them; – I won’t watch – so I don’t contribute a dime.

    I’ll watch nature programs instead – the animals don’t care what color we are.

    Besides, there is still College Football…

  5. Kojack

    I’m done with the NATIONAL FELONS LEAGUE if they do this. The kneeling dampened my enthusiasm a lot. I don’t enjoy watching the games as I once did anyway, so this will be the final straw and I will find another way to unwind.