“Killing Biden” By Hillary Clinton

Posted October 16th, 2013 by Iron Mike

No,  it’s not her new book,  but it might as well be!  She’s setting about to destroy whatever credibility he has left.
Killing Joe Biden by Hillary
The Butcher of Benghazi is using these three years 2013-14-15 to give highly paid speeches,  raise funds,  and test-market soundbites before friendly audiences.  No cameras,  no recording devices, no proven record of what she says; – just an occasional snippet of value.  The latest is that ‘Lovable Joe’ was afraid to go after bin Laden – and that it was Hillary and Panetta who pushed to make it happen.

Conveniently she omits that Obama’s girlfriend Valerie Jarrett was also pushing hard against  that raid. She cared nothing about getting bin laden, – she just wanted to avoid any risk of her boss looking inept.

First Lady TicketGiven the general low esteem that American have for Biden, – it’s remarkable that Hillary is going to all this trouble to destroy him.

Makes me wonder…what he has on her…?

And since she’s not attacking Michelle, – I’m beginning to suspect who she wants for her running mate – even if they do hate each other…

It does kinda warm my heart to see these traitors eating each other…

One Response to ““Killing Biden” By Hillary Clinton”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Crab bucket mentality. And Biden’s the next crab to get pulled back in. The more these socialists eat each other, the better. This is pure Saul Alinsky tactics on her part, bib the by.