Kill Percentages In Boston Improving

Posted December 7th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The Gang-bangers must be taking marksmanship training, – their aim is getting better.
Boston Police just released data for the 11 months – 1 Jan – 3 Dec of 2017,  compared to 2016.  The gang-bangers killed 40,  an 18% increase.   But it gets BETTER STILL…

The kill-to-wounded ration in 2016 was just 16%.

But for that same 11-month period THIS year,  the kill rate increased to 17.2%.  There was no data released on shots per kill.

Mind you,  Mayor Walsh,  the Garden Gnome,  and almost every Democrat in the State will tell you the problem in these ‘neighborhoods of color’ is “GUNS!

And Maura Healey is damned sure AR-15s and AK-47s are walking around in organized kill teams, stalking Black and Hispanic kids.

Reading this you might think we don’t care about young Black and Hispanic lives in our inner cities.

Of course we do.  Democrat politics has turned them into virtual 3rd World Citizens – who are unlikely to ever realize their full American potential.  

But Democrats cannot win elections,  – cannot cling to their corrupt power,  – without this guaranteed voting block.

So Democrats will do NOTHING to prevent teenage gang-bangers from selling drugs and knocking up teenage girls – turning them into lifelong welfare mommas – and Democrat voters.

If we were hard-hearted we’d point out that higher kill rates means fewer full hospital beds and recovering gang-bangers,  – who will walk out looking for revenge.   A dead gang-banger – however tragic – will sell no more drugs,  – and will never shoot up another street corners.

But in Democrat-Controlled Boston,  – he’s likely to vote in the next 10 election cycles.

Democrats:  Keeping young Blacks and Hispanics well fed,  drug addicted,  poorly educated,  and government dependent since LBJ’s Great Society.

3 Responses to “Kill Percentages In Boston Improving”

  1. Walter Knight

    The war on drugs cannot be won they way we’re fighting now. It’s no wonder the Philippines got fed up and decided to just kill their drug dealers.

  2. Catherine

    I have lots of comments and no time just now to post them, but I will ask for another moniker for Evans; garden gnomes do NOT deserve such slanderous comparatives!


    Garden Gnome Evans

  3. Marc

    As long as they 1) stay in the city and 2) only kill each other its a solution to a problem as far as I’m concerned…