Kids, You’re Being Used Like Robots!

Posted March 15th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Guns are not your enemies Kids;  in far too many cases your real enemies are standing in the front of your classrooms – feeding you a daily dose of left-wing propaganda – while deliberately failing to teach you the important lessons of History, Geography, and Economics.

If you knew your World History and American History – you’d understand the role guns played in turning 13 struggling European Colonies into a free and prosperous and mighty nation.

You’d know and be able to explain the difference between a Subject,  a Citizen, – and a tool.

You would know how many millions of unarmed people were murdered – by their OWN governments – during the 20th Century.

Yesterday you were tools;  – tools of the evil men like George Soros who want to change your status from CITIZEN to SUBJECT.

When you are a little older – and finally move out of your parent’s homes,  – and are living by yourselves,  – you may have cause to question how long it takes your local police to respond to a 9-1-1 call.  Think Broward County….

When you’re much older,  – elderly,  – you may want to think about what it’s like to be a little feeble,  living alone,  – and hear someone trying to break into your back door to steal your Social Security money and your prescription pain pills.

You’ll want your own guns!

And yes, – your government sometimes gets out of control,  – and they will kill you.   Think Kent StateRuby Ridge, and Waco Texas….

Our Founders knew this!   They remembered the Boston Massacre and the Lexington Green,  – and they gave us the 2nd Amendment so that when the Government acts like a tyrant instead of acting like our servant,  – we can shoot back.

Yes, there have always been insane and twisted people who will kill the innocent in schools,  churches,  theaters,  restaurants,  office buildings,  and hospitals.   That’s why thinking Americans decry so-called “Gun Free Zones”,  – the people there aren’t ‘SAFE”  – they’re sitting ducks!

Your schools should be fortified,  and well defended – by armed security professionals and even armed teachers.  Just look at Israel to see what can be done to keep kids safe – even when surrounded by kill-crazed Muslims.

Yesterday you THOUGHT you were ‘making a statement’.

You were!   You were proving to all of us what a total failure our school systems are doing under left-wing school boards and unionized teachers.

If you think the NRA is your ‘enemy’,  – if you think NRA members somehow profit from mass shootings,  – you have been brainwashed – by both your teachers and the media,  – into obedient little robots who can be programmed to march for any cause they tell you to.

The ONLY things that keep you free, – that are keeping the would-be left-wing rulers from taking your freedoms away – are those 400,000,000 guns in the hands of America’s responsible patriotic citizens.

Do they still teach MATH in your school?

Answer THIS question:

If the Government can’t find, round up, and deport 13,000,000 illegal Mexicans,   – HOW are they ever going to find and round up 400,000,000 guns – hidden in private homes?

WHO would the Government send to do it,…the police,…or the Army…?

What cops or soldiers would obey such an illegal order?

So yesterday you were pawns – cannon fodder – in the 100-year long socialist struggle to end Capitalism and the Rule of Law.

The MEDIA was happy to report about your walkouts;  – they could fill the front page with stupid kids,  – and NOT HAVE TO REPORT about the corruption of Hillary,  Obama, and the Deep State….   You served them well!

You went to petition (demand) that politicians pass LAWS to strip you of your God-Given RIGHT of Self-Defense, – to quash the 2nd Amendment,  – and return you and your children to the status of SUBJECTS.   You were USED!


And the NRA?  There isn’t a card-carrying NRA member in the land who wouldn’t have gladly stood in the halls of Sandy Hook or Douglas High and sent well-aimed bullets into Adam Lanza or Nikolas Cruz….

If you want to save the lives of Children, – plan your next walkout and march on Planned Parenthood, where many of your brothers and sisters were killed!

6 Responses to “Kids, You’re Being Used Like Robots!”

  1. Panther 6

    Fantastic BLOG Mike. Right on target. The kids were used and it is our fault that we have allowed the education system to produce a whole gaggle of left wing idiot teachers and administrators to form the minds and opinions of our offspring. We share some of the blame for that situation. Afraid for the future and what my grandchildren will be living with. Hopefully the Trump administration can keep the lid on and do what you advised – secure the schools, provide armed security and also some armed teachers. That is a safe solution in my mind.

  2. Catherine

    “Protect children not guns” one of the signs says, held by a mite completely oblivious to what will actually protect her. The ONLY thing that protects people from evil people intent on harm is good people with firearms.

    These kids are so brainwashed and clueless it’s a wonder they can tie their sneakers.

  3. Asusue

    Do any of them know or care that part of the problem with Germany in WW2 was how Hitler was able to rouse up and brainwash the young people against the Jews? What you said, Mike, is absolutely true, but being young, idealistic, emotional, and indoctrinated during their years of “ education” I would bet there are precious few of them who would even be willing to read any of this information and honestly contemplate whether what you said could possibly be true. They know everything at that age. Not trying to excuse this in any way. Parents today need to spend way too much time deprogramming their kids. Glad mine are grown.

  4. Kojack

    Come on, people, give the unpatriotic little tools a break in their brand-new ripped clothes, body-graphitti, snot-rings, partially shaven disheveled clown-colored hair, face metal and other deviant characteristics being passed off as fashion. Hell, many of them don’t even know which bathroom to use. What a fucked-up generation with fucked-up parents!

    Imagine if they were around during Hitler and Tojo’s time?!?!? Instead of enlisting to fight and defend their country they’d be scurrying around competeing to find the best safe spaces!!!

    God help us older folks when we are feeble and more or less have to rely on them!

    As you point out, Mike, they are insisting that the gov’t take away the 2nd-A which is one of the things that keeps us a free people and makes America a unique country in the world!

    You little, snowflakes, be careful what you wish for.

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    Ya know…..watching all this nonsense; the warped attitudes, the silly fashions, the failed leadership of some authorities, teachers and parents, and the apparent cluelessness of what our world has been like and what governments do to unarmed citizens, I’m really beginning to worry.

    At a recent gun show, I saw a T-shirt that said something like “Really? We give up our land and our guns and the government will take care of us?”. The question was superimposed over a photo of a group of 1880’s Native American men….and I’ll say no more….

    If we, as a society, can’t trust people to safely and intelligently consume alcohol (and now marijuana….) until 21 years of age, then maybe it’s time to reconsider and repeal the 26th Amendment.

    Now, many will ask, “But an 18-year old can join the military and fight and die for the Country. Why shouldn’t that 18-year old be able to vote?”. Granted. But to which I will respond, “Fine. Join the military and you can vote”. At least there, we can be reasonably assured the 18-year old will be educated in the principles and values of being American, and develope the self-reliance and discipline necessary to make intelligent and values driven decisions. Accomplish this honorably and you’ve earned the right to vote, and we’ve earned the right to sleep soundly knowing the 18-year old can do so responsibly.

    Same goes for 18-year olds purchasing guns. I guess I’m at odds here with the NRA (Boy I hope they don’t rescind my life membership….), but if an 18-year old needs a gun for targeting or to hunt, let the parents provide the gun and supervise its use. At least that way, we’ve got someone left to hold accountable if the 18-year old commits a gun crime and offs himself at its conclusion…..

    But this leads me to another somewhat controversial matter related to military service, and that is undocumented enlistees. After honorable service and separation (and not waiting for discharge), citizenship should be granted. Hell, if we can accept undocumented folks into our brotherhood of arms, after honorable service, the very least we can do is reward them with citizenship.

  6. Varvara

    You are correct Mike, these kids were used. They have been let down by their schools. They need to know what the first thing the Nazis did and the first thing the commies did. Yes, the guns were taken.

    Guns don’t kill people. They are inanimate objects. People kill people. What happened to all the mental hospitals. Gone! Instead the people were given drugs. Now we have two problems. The NRA should not be blamed for what the politicians and medical people created.

    I find it stupid that a young salesman can sell a rifle at 20 years old but can not buy one at this age.