Kerry: Lifelong Liar Lying Again…

Posted August 31st, 2013 by Iron Mike

Suddenly in a position of great power [when Obama and Rice let him speak] Kerry wants us to believe him, – after 45 years of lying his ass off?
Lifelong Liar John Kerry

Now we’re to believe he has ‘absolute proof’ that Bashar al-Assad has used Sarin?  
Really Lurch, – when al Quada could have used it to suck us in?  
Absolute PROOF?  Like when you accused us of being ‘barbarians in the image of Genghis Khan’? 

You haven’t changed much Lurch; – you’re still a habitual and pathological LIAR – with a bad haircut!  Now you want the USA to kill people – to go to war – based on your word?  Where are your girlfriends #onda and Sheehan?

6 Responses to “Kerry: Lifelong Liar Lying Again…”

  1. Tom

    The question is, will he be for it before he is against it, if this unlawful, unconstitutional move turns terribly bad? Will he be a war criminal like he has called our troops in Iraq and Vietnam? Only time will tell!

  2. Casey Chapman

    Our current pResident is criminal already, so why not?

  3. Currahee C 6

    The gent has not shown me REAL proof, like a bomb crater analysis that points back to Syrian Troop locations that lock the fact that they did the firing. This could well be a False Flag operation to drag us in. Wonder if BO is working the issue or golfing today?

  4. Sam Adams

    Has anybody gotten a good look at Kerry’s face lately? He’s had so many botox injections and face lifts, his face cheeks are starting to look like his butt cheeks. He’ll be looking like Quasimoto soon.

  5. Exit- Stage Right

    From those who insisted Benghazi was the result of a youtube video.
    Lying is a cooperative act. I do not agree to believe their lies.