Kerry: Learning To Be Irrelevant

Posted February 14th, 2013 by Iron Mike

He finally got his 2004 consolation prize – he was Obama’s 2nd choice for SecState.  Now as ‘chief foreign policy spokesman’ for Obama’s weakened and diminished Amєrika – he’s finding out the big goons won’t take his phone calls.Kerry Calling
Seems Lurch decided to call the ole ‘gang of six’ when the NORKs popped their mini-nuke Monday.  Surprise – the Russians wouldn’t take his call…

And why should they?

Kim Jong unFor the Russians their little North Korea prick is very useful; – he builds a few nukes, sells a few rockets, watches a few parades – and keeps the stupid Americans totally distracted.  They can fund him for kopecks…

Kerry is slowly learning that he has entered a self-engineered hell-on-earth.

He’s irrelevant to Obama, – who has his own in-house Village Idiot willing to go anywhere and talk to the microphones.

Jarrett and SquawFurther, if Lurch takes anything upon himself – if he gets just a little bold and tries to say something relevant – he’ll be getting a phone call from Valerie.

Kerry – who has always been all about just Kerry – is about to find out that the brand new SENIOR Senator from Massachusetts – Senator Squaw – will be getting more press coverage from the sycophant media than he will.

We can have a little fun listing the people who will no longer take his calls – Deval Patrick, Mumbles Menino, Obama, Biden, John Edwards, Hillary,…they all knew he was just using them.  Now they have no need for him….
Old Friends

Hey John,…maybe Chris Matthews will interview you…?  Remind him you’re a war hero!

Oh, he hasn’t returned your call either…?  Ouch!  Try Scott Brown – he’s at Fox now.

4 Responses to “Kerry: Learning To Be Irrelevant”

  1. Leo The Lion

    J.F. Kerry. Just For Kerry. The odyssey of the self-centered self.

  2. Flick

    Who knew there was room for 2 Village Idiots in this administration?

    Dumb & Dumber, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum, et al.

    We can only hope we don’t need diplomacy in the next 4 years. Is anyone in the WH taking this seriously?

  3. Larry Redmond

    The guy has been irrelevant and a true loser since VietNam. What a screwup but O’Bummer. But then he has been screwing up for four years. Nothing new.

  4. Acton Bill

    I think Kerry’s ego actually wants him to be an effective SecState, not just a figurehead. To a degree, this position is the fulfillment of a life’s dream (given he missed the Presidency) and a logical step beyond being head of Senate Foreign Relations.

    Like or not what he did with the Paris Peace negotiations in the ’70s (and I definitely did NOT like what he did), he has had interest in influencing American policies abroad for a very long time. Just carrying water for Obama is not going to be enough for him and I do not believe that Kerry and the Pres. are always on the same page. I have hopes that Kerry will see at least some of what needs to be done and will try to do some good things. Like Gates and Panetta did when they were SecDefs, he may even publicly challenge the President. I think Kerry is more concerned about his personal legacy in this job than he is about being popular among the Liberals or even, ultimately, about keeping the SecState job.

    – Acton Bill