Kerry-Clinton Romance Is FINISHED!

Posted May 25th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Funny things happen at the State Department when Obama is out of the country,  – some folks suddenly find their patriotism….
Kerry Clinton romance is OVER

Imagine that this ‘finding’ took a full 3½ YEARS!

We at RRB have to imagine that for most of that time the State Department lifers were convinced that Hillary would become the next PotUS

– and she would reward all those who’d kept her carelessness and criminal activities secret…..

Keeping Secrets

BUT,…between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump,…and the FBI,….it’s starting to look like the only federal real estate she’ll occupy is a federal prison cell…..

liars and traitors

So Kerry took the chance to end the romance.

Oh,  poor Hillary,  – will no man ever stay true to her?

Can you hear that?   Drip,…drip,…drip…

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