Kenya Exports It’s First Oil To China

Posted August 28th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Like the Japanese in the late 1930s,  China today has a huge, growing and desperate thirst for oil.  Thus they have invested heavily in East Africa.  Their rapidly growing navy is intended to safeguard this national life blood.

RRB readers should already understand the immediate and long-rang implications of this new oil trade.

China has been investing heavily in various Middle Eastern countries,  – significantly Iran – as a source for oil.  But the Chinese have a long-held instinctive distaste for dealing with Muslims – and with Twelvers in particular.  Way too much uncertainty.

With all the news last year about Russian Collusion and the Mueller Witch Hunt, – you likely didn’t hear about this tanker collision.  Neither the Chinese nor the Iranians wanted any publicity,  – and America’s left-wing Propaganda Ministry couldn’t be bothered telling you any real news.

Always thinking and planning in 100-year cycles,  the Chinese have been exploring East Africa for 20 years as an alternative to Persian oil – or at least as an additional source.

They’ve been looking for oil, natural gas, and rare earth minerals.

Anxious to get Kenya’s first oil flowing eastward, the Chinese provided a fleet of hastily constructed tankers….

Anybody think these tanks have baffles…?

Doing business in East Africa is easy for the Chinese.  Local officials like money,  and there are no groups of environmentalists going to court demanding further environmental impact studies or public hearings before work can begin.

As this oil trade from Africa to China grows over these next few years,  be mindful that the Chinese tankers sail directly under the noses of the Iranians,  the Pakistanis,  and the Indians,  – all of whom have competing interests and needs.

And they all have navies – with submarines…and nuclear weapons.

Pay attention America.  Try to remember how and why WWII started for us in the Pacific.

QUESTION:  How come when they were running the State Dept, neither Hillary or Kerry had any interest in these matters?  How come none of the current Democrat Candidates (aka warmed-over turds) seem to understand the issues?

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