Kendrick Meek – Get Under The Bus!

Posted October 29th, 2010 by Iron Mike

On the surface it would seem that Florida Senate Candidate Kendrick Meek is the perfect Democrat.  Big, handsome, son of a former Florida Congresswoman, star college football player, former Captain in the Florida State Troopers, former Florida House and Senate member, currently a Member of Congress from the 17th District, pro-abortion [even late-term] and pro gay marriage.  He is in a 3-way race for the empty US Senate seat.  Chris Matthews should feel that old chill running up his leg.

But now both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama have tried to get him to quit.  They’ve held secret conversations with Republican [RiNO] turned Independent Charlie Crist. What’s up with that?

Meek * Crist * Rubio

First understand that there are few politicians on earth as utterly ruthless or unscrupulous as Clinton and Obama.  And while they’ll appear to be allies and buddies for the camera, – they seethe with hatred and loathing for each other.  Clinton believes Obama ‘stole’ the nomination from Hillary in 2008, and Obama hates to hear Bubba referred to as ‘our first black president’.

Obama wants an uncontested shot at a second term – on his way to being emperor of the UN.

Bubba wants back in the White House – maybe as First Husband, and then maybe a seat on the Supreme Court.  He wants the memory of that damned black dress and his impeachment buried in history while he’s still alive.  He’ll gladly sabatoge Obama to make room for Hillary.

So with upstart Mario Rubio surging in the polls, the 3-way race is highly likely to keep that senate seat in Republican hands.  Facing the distant possibility of an impeachment trial himself, Obama wants friends, – not enemies, in the Senate.

Because Meek is an incumbent House Democrat,  he is viewed by many voters as soiled Pelosi linen.  He’ll draw a lot of black votes, but the tide seems to be running with the TEA Party favorite – Rubio.  Rubio would certainly vote for impeachment.

RiNO Charlie Christ has already shown himself as a week-kneed and spineless Republican when he ran as an Independent after losing the Primary to Rubio.  Last night on the Hannity program he admitted he’s been in ongoing conversation with the Obama WH.  He’s made his deal; – ‘get Meek out of the way and as Senator I won’t vote to impeach you Mister President‘. 

So both Clinton and Obama have traveled to Florida recently – “to campaign for Kendrick Meek”.  But they were really asking him to quit.  We can only speculate what his consolation prize was to have been.  Maybe some post in Homeland Security, or maybe an ambassadorship.

They don’t think he can win, but with his voters behind Crist, ~ maybe ~ Charlie can pull it out.  So they want Meek to crawl under the bus.

Black voters nationwide should look long and hard at this little drama, and realize that Obama is NOTtheir’ president.  Obama is simply in it for his own ego and his own gratification.  Anybody and everybody is expendable in his quest for power.

And the Clintons?  Not a millimeter better!   The Democratic Party brand has been hijacked by some of the most unprincipled and ruthless thugs in America.  Folks should have noticed when the Donkey gave way to the O.   Kendrick, you need better friends.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

My friend Bob Parks has another take on these events:

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