Kelly Ayotte Needs A Trump Pardon!

Posted January 23rd, 2021 by Iron Mike

In 2016, first-term US Senator Kelly Ayotte made what she thought was a politically astute and principled decision to be VERY publicly offended by the Billy Bush tape.  She turned her back on Candidate Trump.   It was a childish decision;  – and Ayotte ended up losing her own re-election race by 1,017 votes.

Now she wants a 2022 rematch against Maggie Hassan,  – who will have the FULL SUPPORT of the Clintons,  the Obamas,  the Bidens (if he’s not in Walter Reed),  and Kamala Harris, – who began her political career as Willie Brown’s mistress.

WHERE was that ultra-feminist outraged voice of Kelly Ayotte during Biden’s and Harris’ campaigns?

There was plenty of evidence of Biden sniffing women and groping young girls.

There was plenty of evidence of his drug-addicted son Hunter treating women, – including his sister-in-law and her daughter (his niece) as sexual playthings.

And the DC Stripper he got pregnant.  And the South African girl he married 10 days after meeting her….

But Ayotte was S-I-L-E-N-T.

So when Trump needed Republican help,  – it was Democrat Hassan sitting in the US Senate voting to convict on impeachment.  She may be about to do it again…in just weeks.

As you read these words,  China Joe is in our White House, – signing Executive Orders to destroy the legacy and the 4 years of recovery that Trump gave this ungrateful nation.   

WHY can Ayotte only think about HER CAREER today?

Who does Miss Kelly think is going to come rally to her cause in 2022?   Who does she think will assure that the voter rolls are clean,  and the votes counted honestly?

WHO in the “Media” does she think will even write a fair or balanced piece about her.

NOW,  TO BE FAIR,  Senator Maggie Hassan has had a rough four years.  Her senate office staffers are out of control,  several facing charges for unethical behavior,  – and if Hassan actually goes along with Chuckie Boy and a second Trump impeachment,  – she will PROVE herself unworthy of the office.

Looking back to 2016 Kelly,  would our country and New Hampshire have been better served if you’d kept your ‘feminist outrage’ to yourself?   If you’d understood that the Billy Bush tape was ALL THE DEMS COULD FIND,  and if you would have openly brushed it off and said “Look at the REAL issues…”?

In 2016, the Democrats took you out with a side-show.  Most Republicans and Independent voters understood it was a manufactured distraction – – but YOU FELL FOR IT!

Have these past 4 years been a learning experience for you,  – or do you STILL believe that Trump “disrespects women”?

Are you happy with a Biden pResidency?

Have you grown up any? 

2 Responses to “Kelly Ayotte Needs A Trump Pardon!”

  1. Jim Buba

    She had me at “…use BOTH hands!” and then, well, wrong turn over things that happened long before she thought of running. Must be that ‘Me Too!’ disease.

  2. panther 6

    Kelly A be darned. I am waiting and want to see JUSTICE for Hunter Biden: What is on that bloody laptop and hard drive of Hunter’s?? Surely the truth will come out – surely? Well of course we are still waiting on the the Jeffrey Epstein computer info to surface. I am betting too many high rollers and powerful folks are exposed on both Hunter’s and Jeffrey’s laptops that the info will never see the light of day. A true travesty in my mind.