Keely Mullen – MassHOLE MoonBat Activist

Posted December 25th, 2015 by Iron Mike

She looks nice – almost attractive,  – but she’s one of Vladimir Lenin’s left-over useful idiots,  – willing to go into the streets and march on the Winter Palace…
Keely Mullen – Totally FULL
Folks,  never attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by stupidity!   Keely probably isn’t really ‘evil’;  – but the sum of her action,  – her blind belief in the politics of envy and jealousy [aka ‘Socialism‘] make her one of America’s Domestic Enemies.

It was uneducated idiots like Keely that Mussolini, Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, etc used to topple unstable regimes and install their own brand of social dictatorships on otherwise decent populations,  – which they then set about murdering.Keely reading the script

Give Keely and her fellow travelers just a little success,…

– just a little power,…

– and she’ll gladly start commanding firing squads and clearing the landowners from Newton and Chestnut Hill…

because if they have that kind of money….

Firing Squads

Somebody managed to get her on Neil Cavuto’s show – where she proved for all to see how poorly educated she is – and how vacuous her economic reasoning really is.  But she did demonstrate a firm belief in the ‘evil 1% who are hoarding all the money’.

CAUTION:  Parts of this 9 minutes are painful to sit through,  – but this is how these idiots think, – and Neil did a nice job of exposing it.

When not organizing marches and protests Ms. Mullen works part-time for the ACLU and attends Northeastern.  During her Cavuto interview she revealed that she and her family are already living on public money….so you’re financing her romance with the Politics of Class Envy….

Keely has $150K of debt – she hasn’t yet graduated from Northeastern, – where she has been studying “Community Organizing” and “Anti-Racism Advocacy”… What do those jobs pay…?

Here she doubles down on her demands for a free ticketshe thinks education should be ‘a human right‘….[has she ever read our Constitution…]

Keely Mullen Mao PosterI’d be real interested to know what high school this little idiot graduated from,…and who her history and economics teachers have been,…because they failed Keely and the rest of America,…and probably intended that she grow up this stupid.



The greatest threats to our American Republic – are unionized teachers!

Chinese prisoners


UPDATE:  Sat, 26 Dec 2015    As it develops,…Ms. Mullen is a total lying hypocrite!

Her daddy lives in a $1,000,000 Chicago home, – she went to an expensive private high school [specializing in the ooey-gooey ‘we-are-the-world’ curriculum],…

…and [cringe] her Daddy Steve Mullen is a professor at SAIC – School of the Art Institute of Chicago – where he self-identifies as trans-feminine and ‘gender mobile’….

In other words – she’s a PERFECT Democrat; – i.e. a total lying sack of shit looking for a free ride.

6 Responses to “Keely Mullen – MassHOLE MoonBat Activist”

  1. Panther 6

    There will always be useful idiots like this gal but our school system is producing too many of them. Common core isn’t helping either.

  2. Marc

    Behind every idiot kid is an idiot parent. In this particular case, not only is the parent an idiot, he’s a pervert too.

  3. Mark

    I met one of them today. I would have thrown her out of my house but she is fixable. She went off on an anti Trump tirade.

  4. Iron Mike

    True Socialists loathe any man or woman who has succeeded on their own – without the ‘help’ of government; – because it neuters everything they’ve been programmed to regurgitate….

  5. clinton ma tea party

    The poison of the socialist system must be stopped immediately at the first sign it is pushed on Americans …”Any time I even hear someone utter the word Socialism I reach for my Rifle” GOD BLESS AMERICA

  6. Christopher Maider

    I watched that interview.. It was painful.. Bernie was at North High last week and as a Trump supporter was escorted out Bernie said that he intends to take all the money and ownership away from corporations. First thing the Bolsheviks did was take all the money, take all the land, take all the businesses.

    What followed was a winter of such starvation and desperation that the stage was set to lead the Russian people to their deaths with 75 years of Communism.