Katherine Archuleta, Please Explain Yourself

Posted June 18th, 2015 by Iron Mike

You sub-contracted personnel data work – – to the CHINESE?   You frikkin’ handed them the very codes they’ve got 10,000 computer soldiers working 24×7 to hack?
4 million records stolen
Exactly WHAT are your professional qualifications?   Oh…you’re a diversity appointment, – – a Hispanic?   I see….  So exactly how many government employees records did the Chinese get?

4 MILLION !!! ??? !!!

Nice work Katherine.  President Xi Jinping should give you a medal and make you a General in the Peoples Army!

Katherine Archuleta

Katherine Archuleta was sworn in 4 Nov 2013, as Obama’s “First Latina” to run the OPM.  Prior experience was never a question – never a consideration. 

Obama Diversity

He was appealing to the 2016 Hispanic vote.  It was simply a question of DIVERSITY over Competence.

Chinese Computer Army

And all the while the Chinese Computer Army has been hacking away at every computer in America – yours, mine, and every branch of government at EVERY level.

Chinese President Xi Jinping intends to dominate first the Pacific Rim, then the ENTIRE Pacific and Indian Oceans, – then the World.

Who’s gonna stop him,  – “Let me be clear” Obama?  Hardly!

Obama has been a LAME DUCK on the international stage since he withdrew from Iraq and back down to Putin in the Crimea.

America, we’re being ‘defended’ by mindless pussies!  But we got that ‘Diversity’ thing going just fine.

Now watch Obama ask for “more money”…

Katherine Archuleta  Chinese Outreach


UPDATE:   Friday 10 July 2015    Just when things seem their worst,…the shit gets deeper.  The number of stolen IDs is now estimated at 21 millionIt even includes stolen fingerprints!  Thanks for nothing Katherine.

Archuleta resigns

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