Kate Brown: Oregon’s Replacement Governor

Posted February 13th, 2015 by Iron Mike

All Hail America’s 1st [openly] Bi-Sexual Governor!
Kate Brown Oregon

Jim McGreevey, you don’t count; – you were in the closet.  Oregon, – you sure can pick ’em!

As of the moment, Oregon’s Democratic Secretary of State [since 2009] Kate Brown will be sworn in as Governor – replacing John Kitzhaber – who is resigning over his girlfriend’s many problems and clouded past…. Kitzhaber is in his third term.

Ms. Brown – 34, has a background in Environmental Law and Family Law – perfect for Oregon’s tree-hugging / anything goes hippy culture.

She was a State Rep and then a State Senator until winning the SecState election in 2008.

Dan LittleShe is married to Dan Little of Portland. Not quite sure how Dan deals with the bi-sexual thing – or what they tell Dan’s two kids…. [shudder]

Anybody out there know how Oregon goes about replacing their SecState, – since without a LtGov – that person is next in line?

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Kate Brown sworn in

Good luck Governor!   Try to save the Barred Owls!

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