Kamala’s Skittles Are All Scattering

Posted January 9th, 2022 by Iron Mike

A year ago she surrounded herself with a team of the most virulent and racist liberals,  – lots of women and some men,  – mostly of color of course.   But the team never jelled,  there was infighting,  – stories in the media,  and Jill Biden kept them all away from her dementia patient.

Young Peter Velz came to the Obama White House fresh out of Virginia Tech,  – moved up quickly, – and seems to have enjoyed it.  Mom is from Thailand. 

After Obama, young Velz got a job with SUNY,  – until Harris began hiring Obama retreads.

At RRB,  we could easily sit back and just say “We told you so…”,  
– but that won’t solve the leadership crisis in the White House.

Our enemies are watching,  and our allies are re-evaluating their decades-old decisions to rely on American nerve.

WHO is really running the White House?  Jill Biden,…Doctor Fauci,…or Press Secretary Jen Psaki…?

It sure as hell ain’t China Joe!

The dysfunctional and anti-American Democrap Party,  the anti-Trump communist media,  – and massive election fraud engineered by George Soros,   have managed to bring forth the nightmare scenario – a mental patient pResident and a whore-in-waiting.

Now the chaos and back-biting seems so bad that even the Obama Loyalists like Velz are departing – as fast as they can.  We can take no pleasure in it.

If this high-level chaos was happening in a Third World country,  – there would be coup plots smoldering in the back rooms and army barracks….

..but today we have the Third World employed as White House staffers,  and General Milley has already been on the phone to China….

Pray America!   And Ammo UP! 

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