Kamala Harris Flings A Smelly Red Herring

Posted September 6th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It seemed surreal…acting as if Judge Kavanaugh was a witness before her impaneled Grand Jury,  2020 presidential hopeful Kamala Harris attempts to create an image of ‘collusion’ or ‘obstruction’ by throwing a Red Herring on the table.

This may have been the most unethical line of questioning I’ve ever heard any senator ever ask, – an attempt to imply that some crime is afoot…

Mind you,  if by chance Senator Harris or the Democrats have managed to place or recruit a SPY inside Trump’s attorney’s law firm,  – and have gleaned some privileged conversations or insider information,  – that would be yet another instance of Democrat Party Collusion.

Yet Ms. Harris seemed undeterred last night.

She may have outsmarted herself…..because unless she has REAL EVIDENCE of some illegal dealings or meetings (which she was implying) Kasowitz Benson Torres just might sue her for defamation….

Watching this last night,  I was struck by an honest man caught off guard by a question from left field – trying desperately to recall some forgotten chance meeting,  – and trying to give an honest answer and avoid her obvious perjury trap.

Kamala Harris was on full display – ruthless and unethical!

10 Responses to “Kamala Harris Flings A Smelly Red Herring”

  1. Mt Woman

    She’s a stooge! This smells of a trap and why would someone bring this to a senate committee.


    Because she plans to lead the Dem ticket in 2020, – and she had a multi-year long affair with Willie Brown – the married Speaker of the California Assembly – who got her several promotions….

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    And what else should we expect from a double-minority, Affirmative Action graduate….?

  3. Vic

    This is why I’m tired of paying taxes.

  4. Paul J Baldi

    Is there something in the water in CA that allows so many asses
    to be elected? Feinstein, Boxer, Brown, Harris, Waters..the list
    goes on. Not to mention all the serial killers, rapists, gang
    bangers and illegals. Like living in a cesspool. And I thought
    Massholecusetts was bad!!

  5. Panther 6

    Kamala is dangerous and a total self server. Yes she wants to run in 2020 and will stoop however low she has to in order to get such a slot. She is a vile person.

  6. Catherine

    I hope her name is on several of the 50,000-plus sealed indictments waiting to be unveiled. Many of her public statements (not here) verge on sedition.

    As for Paul’s question – CA has deteriorated even faster in recent years after they managed to pass a law where the two top vote-getters in a primary go to the general. The result of which is that there are two choices in the general elections – the lefty-loonies and the leftier-loonier. No voices of moderation or conservation. Just insanity and insanity-plus.

  7. Vic

    Paul Baldi,
    As a matter of fact there IS something in the water in CA. They spray so much pesticide and fertilizer on all the farms out there it’s stunning. I had the pleasure to live at Fort Ord for three years, and the water was awful.

  8. Leonard Mead

    Thanks for showing this despicable perjury baiting by democrats who already have indicated they won’t approve Kavanaugh REGARDLESS of whatever testimony or information or answers come out of these circus hearings.
    The staged stand-up shouting from the “galley” over and over throughout the hearing is also something most people who have “lives” working, raising kids, shopping, or paying their taxes will miss.
    My take on this is simply to be terrorized by the thought that these power-hungry characters will EVER gain control of our government again. They stand for NOTHING except TRUMP SUCKS, and IMPEACH TRUMP the sooner the better.
    Truly frightening.
    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative


    MOST of the Dems asking questions understand the long-term Socialist goals. The ones shouting disruptions in the back of the room are the useful idiots.

    If he hard-core Socialists ever do take over, – they’ll be among the first ones shot!

  9. Sonny's Mom

    Like Kamala loves to remind everyone whenever she’s on camera, she’s “a prosecutor”. /s

  10. Kojack

    This is what the DEMOCRAP party has degenerated into and ALL DEMOCRAPS are guilty by association. That is why that old adage “vote the party, not the person” no longer applies.