Kamala Harris Attacked By A Man-Bun

Posted June 2nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

You can barely find a more radical left-wing liberal group than the Soros-funded MoveON,  – but even that isn’t wacko enough for some Bay Area freaks….

Willie Brown’s mistress whore was attacked at a San Francisco event Saturday, the mic snatched out of her hand.

If a man-bun hippy rushing her on stage scares her this much,  how will she ever handle a REAL crisis,  – with nuclear-armed foes…?

Note that it was CBS giving coverage to MoveON’s event…

Aidan’s stunt did little to win over any converts to his Animal Rights cause,  – but he did do the Nation a favor – by revealing what a physical coward this politically ambitious whore is,  – how totally unready she is to lead our Nation – even on a normal day.

For his part,  it turns out that Aidan is a one-trick pony.  Three years ago (almost to the day) he was rushing Bernie Sanders – when the Secret Service intercepted him.

Aidan’s parents must be SOOOO proud of him…protecting all those vulnerable little creatures….

2 Responses to “Kamala Harris Attacked By A Man-Bun”

  1. Kojack

    “Kamala Harris Attacked By A Man-Bun…”

    I prefer Greg Gutfeld’s definition…..DORK KNOB. It’s another common characteristic of the f’d up segment of society along with CLOWN HAIR, SNOT RINGS/POSTS, FACE METAL, EXCESSIVE BODY GRAFFITI(TATS), BODY GRAFFITI ON FACE & NECK, $80 RIPPED JEANS, ETC. They try to OUT BAZZAR each other in appearance because of their inability to distinguish themselves in any meaningful way. It’s no wonder they are all DUMMYCRAPS or RiNO’s.

    Cook also chose a cause celeb, albeit a worthy one, WHICH HE DISCREDITS by his antics.

  2. Walter Knight

    No one got punched. Of course not.