Justine Ang Fonte Is A Sex Pervert Teacher!

Posted June 12th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Frankly,  a trip through the Dalton School’s website should have set off alarm bells in any clear-thinking parent.
But then,  – maybe they were blinded by the 100-year image of “prestigious school”,  – and were more interested in bragging rights than what was happening to their kids…
How do you un-teach your 1st Grader about masturbation?

3 Responses to “Justine Ang Fonte Is A Sex Pervert Teacher!”

  1. Keith

    The sign says it all
    The Dalton School, “the first program”
    In other words, this is how we first begin to program your children

  2. Jim Buba


    Imagine the cost of the Admin that hires and supports this tragedy

  3. panther6

    Sadly it is not just the Dalton School, this sort of crap is happening all over the country. Private and Public Schools and even to a degree religious schools that 5 years ago would not violate their trust are succumbing to some degree. The teachers are all products of our Colleges and Universities. I don’t know how to turn it around short of hiring a bunch of old military retirees. Just sayin