Just Speculating: What Are The Chances?

Posted November 24th, 2012 by Iron Mike

NOTE to critics and Law Enforcement:  I’m posting this blog entry strictly as political and military speculation, – about chance, possibility, and probability.  It IS NOT WRITTEN to convey any type of threat or to urge any type of illegal action.  This is sheer speculation – nothing more.
The news of the sudden ‘retirement‘ of Jacksonville Detective Sam Koivisto caught my eye.

Coming so soon after Obama’s voter-fraud re-election it re-awakened a nagging concern I’ve had for some time. Could Dealey Plaza happen again?

What are the mathematical chances?

I was in the 101st Airborne at Fort Campbell when JFK was assassinated.  It was a day, a week, and a time I’ll never forget, – largely because he was enjoying a surge of popularity.  There seemed no reason for anyone to have wanted him dead.  It was unthinkable.

49 years later – we don’t know all the facts, and are unlikely to ever learn.  It’s still uncertain that ex-Marine Lee Harvey Oswald and his WWII Italian rifle were the culprits – or the sole culprits.

Later, both Reagan and Ford would be targeted – by insane people.

So my worry – my speculation – is whether Obama could be targeted, and if so, – who would be the most likely assassin?

There is a world full of seasoned snipers out there, including many who started in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  Memo to critics:  they are from all nations.

In modern times sniping has become a significant tool for commanders, and all of our services – even the Coast Guard – teach sniping.  Back in WWII there were few sniper-specific weapons.  Today there are dozens, made all over the world.

Mathematically, I think the odds of an attempt are greatly increased over 1963. There are too many aging veterans who loathe Obama and despise what he is doing to our country, – and who may feel they have one last mission awaiting them.  I hope not, but I suspect the math outweighs my hopes.

We would be wise to remember another assassination – on April 4th 1968 in Memphis.

The murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. caused a firestorm of hate and destruction to sweep across our land.

Should Obama be targeted, the reaction will be 20 times worse.  Cities will burn for weeks.  Hundreds, maybe thousands will be murdered, and race relations will be put back at least 50 years – EVEN if the assassin is foreign or black.

AND, we’d be stuck with the Village Idiot in charge.  This is the key reason I think Obama picked him in 2008 – as a walking life insurance policy.

Still, Obama’s razor-thin voter-fraud victory has generated deep anger and bubbling frustration in some quarters.  There are a lot of folks – all ages – all backgrounds, with a lot of firepower at hand…

And the Secret Service – charged with protecting our president – is still in shambles after their prostitution scandal in Cartagena.

So I’m just guessing – but I bet we don’t see Obama burning the engines off AF One during these final four years.  I think he may opt for safety, and a lot of vacations.

Couldn’t write this without a SALUTE to one of America’s true heroes Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock!



As I click the publish button, I’m wondering how long it will take the black SUVs to get here…. A wasted trip guys, I’m just an aging blogger!

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  1. Jim Buba

    Nobody would miss him. We’d be reminded for several lifetimes about all the things he would have done, like some over-rated sports phenom who didn’t live to see the bigs.

    When the black SUVs show up, send ’em over here. I need a few spare tires and a rim.