Just SHUT UP LeBron James!

Posted April 22nd, 2021 by Iron Mike

Time and again you’ve picked the wrong Black “victims” and causes to mouth off about;  – like Trayvon Martin,  Michael Brown,  Eric Garner,  Jacob Blake,  Barack Obama,  China Joe Biden,  – and now young knife-wielding teen Ma’Khia Bryant.

You DO have ‘followers’ and fans,  – and some may take your threatening tweet against a Columbus Ohio police officer as an invitation to assassinate him.

You’ve made $310 million in just 17 years, – you’ll make another $39 million this year.

PLEASE, try and grow up;  – research your subjects BEFORE you mouth off.

Being BIG and BLACK doesn’t make you an authority on anything, – except maybe basketball.

2 Responses to “Just SHUT UP LeBron James!”

  1. Walter Knight

    What? James thinks the police should let juvenile friends knife each other? James will someday run for the Senate in California. The liberal press will give his radical stupidity a pass when it happens.

    If the officer had not shot he would have been arrested for murder for letting the stabbing happen. It’s all about the liberal agenda of fueling racism and hating the police so that people vote Democrat.

    Also, it’s not a knife fight if only one person has a knife.

  2. Panther 6

    Lebron should go home, count his money,,, be thankful he lives in the USA and then take the streets telling folks of all colors to be good citizens and obey the police. They will likely live to collect the SS check.