Just Send Your “Regrets” Sergeant Crowley!

Posted July 26th, 2009 by Iron Mike

TO:  Sergeant James M. Crowley
        Cambridge Police Department

Well Done Sergeant!  Up to this point you have handled every detail and every after-action of the Gates Incident with pure professionalism.  You’ve proven yourself the shining example of what every citizen in every town wants our own cops to be like, – cool under pressure, responsive, professional, and human.  We are all very proud of you.

Our pResident blundered badly when he got involved in a local matter.  He was amateur hour and he still doesn’t “get it” for several reasons, – chiefly because he is in fact the product of a racist upbringing and is unable to detach race from any event or any aspect of his life.  Up to last week he’d fooled millions into believing he was our first “post-Racial President”.  Now we can clearly see him for what he actually is, – the most racial president we’ve had – maybe since Woodrow Wilson.

The second chief reason Obama doesn’t “get it” is because he is a total narcissist.  He doesn’t really care about his “friend” Professor Gates, – certainly not about you or your department, or really about the incident and it’s consequences.  He cares about himself, – and about garnering as much attention and TV time as possible.  So now a beer at the White House is just a way to focus TV cameras on HIM again, for him to twist the players and the facts to suit HIS ego.  Don’t go.  Don’t play into it!

In Obama’s mind the story line is simple, – only HE can calm the waters of lingering racial tension in America – or in the World.  Only HIS hand can still the waves.  Only HE can achieve a just outcome.  Don’t go.  Don’t play into it.  Don’t be used.

You should expect Professor Gates to keep turning the crank.  It’s how he’s made his living.  And you should expect pResident OBummer to keep attention focused on HIMself.

Thanks to Gate’s missing door key, – and your professional handling of that break-in call,  – OBummer is now revealed to all as the same kind of cheap racist hate-merchant as Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan.  Up to now, he just had most folks fooled about it.  The smile and the guile were working.  But at his press conference Tuesday he pulled off his own mask revealing himself as just another snarling knee-jerk racist.  Hearing ‘white cop’ – he could ONLY assume racism – without having any of the facts. It wasn’t his presidential brain working, – it was his racist gut reaction.

Again,  thank you for your highly professional service, your quiet leadership, and for being such a class act at every step throughout this episode.  Stay here in Massachusetts.  There will be far friendlier opportunities to visit the White House in the future.

    Stay Strong!

    /s/  Iron Mike
    Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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