Just 19 More Tuesdays

Posted June 22nd, 2010 by Iron Mike

Our elected socialists

Hello Americans!

Hard to believe in the muggy heat of this new Summer, – but there are just 19 more Tuesdays before we learn if we can correct our blunder and nudge our Young Republic back onto it’s Constitutional foundation, – or watch it destroy itself sliding further into the Soros-Pelosi-Obama brand of World Socialism.  In these next 132 days – will you work and fight to save your country?

The “Dems”, the Liberals, the Progressives, and the openly declared One-World Socialists are gearing up for the biggest battle of their lives. 

It will also be the biggest battle of your life.  If you love your kids and your Country you dare not rest this summer.  If we fail on Nov 2nd and are forced to endure another two years of this über-liberal Congress , under this Socialist pResident, I’m not sure that Ronald Reagan himself could come back and fix things in 2013.  It is up to us, and we have just these 132 days – these 18 short weeks – go get the job done. 

To win our country back,  we must understand how we lost:

Older Americans saw nothing exciting or different in John McCain in 2008.  They stayed home muttering “pox on both of them”.  That cannot happen this November.  Please go and talk personally to each older person in your neighborhood.  They could easily be the swing votes, and if Election Day brings heavy rain or snow,  you will have to BE SURE THEY GET TO THE POLLS.

The Socialists in your local schools have been subtly teaching for decades that politics is “dirty”.  They’ve also been teaching things like “In a land this wealthy…”  and  “Somebody in the government should [fix this]”.  They have conditioned [brainwashed] almost everybody under 40 to believe that the government has a DUTY to take care of people.  This is the bedrock foundation of Socialism.  They keep implying that our Constitution is just a historic document – not applicable to “modern times”. 

So you have to start teaching what our Constitutional government is really all about and how it has worked best when the operating manual was being used.  You’ll have to teach a little history, – for instance that we’ve experimented with socialism four (4) times before, under Woodrow Wilson,  FDR,  Jimmy Carter,  and LBJEach time was a disaster!!  Europe should not be our model of government.  Our ancestors came here to escape Europe.  Europe is broke and now overrun with angry Muslims.

Government has to live within a budget, just like a family does.  Families can’t print their own money, and governments have to stop printing “Monopoly Money” and pretending that our national isn’t about to bury us.  The solution is simple and has worked many times.  Spend only for essentials,  shop for bargains, and cut taxes to stimulate the economy.  Get off the back of business – big and small – and let the natural energy of a free economy do its thing. 

Protect our country rigorously, fiercely, honestly, and resolutely.  Don’t pussy-foot around and don’t mince your words. Keep our military strong, our intelligence services robust and free to do their job, and guard our borders and our shorelines like you guard your front and back doors.

Understand that re-emerging old foes like Russia and China are waiting for signs of weakness.  Rogue states like NoKorea and Iran already see us as week and are already acting.  Thugrcracys like Pakistan and Mexico are not our friends, and both are working actively to weaken us, sometimes through third parties like al Qaeda, drug cartels, and hordes of illegal immigrants arriving with “how to” kits. 

In 2010, any “liberal” who still believes it possible to co-exist with or bargain with Islamic fundamentalism should probably relocate to an Islamic country.  They are not helping to defend our Western Democracy.

Understand that the United Nations is populated almost entirely with petty thugs and dictators – almost all of them hostile to Freedom, to women, to Christianity and Judaism, and many of them live for the day when they can place a “UN Boot” on our necks.  So we cannot piss off and ignore the few proven friends we have, like England, Australia, and Israel. 

National defense in the 21st Century is still a 24x7x365/366 job.  It will still require young patriots to stand forth, and their vigorous and dangerous duty will cause us to lose some of them.  Be very wary of any “American” who claims this in unnecessary.  They are either hopelessly naïve or working their way through live with diminished capacity.  But some of them are in fact those one-world socialists, and they vote. 

The Environment:  The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is real.  It is a genuine environmental disaster.  “Man Made Global Warming” is not!  I remind MMGW cultists that just 15,000 years ago there was a glacier 1 mile thick [aka ‘Last Glacial Maximum’] covering my town. 

Energy:  The BP spill not withstanding, “Drill Baby drill!”  It will be at least two generations before wind and solar are viable.  The answer for our domestic electric power grid is nuclear, which will help big time to convert municipal fleets to electric.  The fastest way to dry up funding for terrorists is to reduce the flow of US oil dollars into the Middle East.

Social Generosity and Illegal Immigration:   You can’t argue logically with moonbats – they argue “feelings”.  Every other sentence starts off “In a country this wealthy…”  Every third one begins with the typical question “Don’t you care about…?

Don’t get into a social policy discussion with a moonbat – it’s like good sex to them.  Bring the issues to their doorstep and their living room with a few simple questions.

Help them see reality:  Ask:  “Would you sprinkle a whole 50 lb bag of birdseed in your front yard every day?”   [pause]  “A fresh 50 lb bag every day. – – Why not?” 

Explain that if they instinctively understand that would be bad for their yard and for the birds, – – why would they do it to Mexicans?  By failing to enforce our laws, secure our border, and providing welfare magnets to Mexicans, – we’re simply importing Mexico’s social problems to our major cities, and eventually to our smaller towns.  Then ask them:  “Don’t you want to see Mexico clean up its corruption and become a good place to live?

My best line goes like:  “If an illegal Mexican family shows up at your house – just looking for a better life, – will you let them in to stay with you?”  [a few will say Yes]  If they do, write down their name and address, and tell them to stock up on food because you’re going to give it to the first Mexican you see outside Home Depot.


Ask them if they “know anybody” who has used or is using illegal drugs. 

Explain “their friend’s” drug use is funding the drug wars now waging between the cartels in Mexico – the murders of police, the beheadings of civic leaders, reporters, and rival cartel members, – and our own US Citizens.

Ask if they voted for Obama.  Then ask who they think he should appoint to run the clean up the oil spill.  See if they’ve even thought about anybody who can do more than read a teleprompter.

BOTTOM LINE:  Talking to fellow Republicans is worthless right now.  It won’t change a single vote!  Stop e-mailing jokes, rants, cartoons, and the latest anti-Obama bumper stickers to each other.  STOP IT!   Go talk to those moonbats!  Do it every day for 132 days – see if you can change a few votes.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Here’s the only part of “Old Europe” I want here:

2 Responses to “Just 19 More Tuesdays”

  1. Tom Gilroy


    You are preaching to the choir. How many moonbats do you think read your blog or could even find it? If they found it they would not even have a clue of what the message is. Don’t be chastising your fellow, true believing Republicans for exchanging pertinent information. This is only more ammo for when we talk with the kool aid drinkers who have been brain washed by the MSM.

  2. asusue

    I agree with Tom. Yes, it is very important to talk to moonbats, but some of us need an action plan. And Mike, you just provided a great one. Thanks