Jussie Smollett Cried “R-A-P-E-!”

Posted February 18th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Just imagine – if the Chicago Cops had fully believed him,  – and grabbed a couple of White kids…in the neighborhood…and they went on trial….

Would this sick gay attention-craving liar have ever come forward with the TRUTH?
Once again a Black man has managed to push race relations backwards,  – for his own selfish interests.

4 Responses to “Jussie Smollett Cried “R-A-P-E-!””

  1. Sherox

    Is this going to be another false but accurate report? It certainly seems like it. In other words, if it’s an outright lie, it is still true according to the idiots in the lame stream media.

    I wonder, when this is irrefutably founded to be false, when the FBI will with special forces, bust in his house early in the morning with guns drawn to arrest him?

  2. Catherine

    Or did he do it by “request” of the deep state anti-American traitors in DC? The timing, to coincide with the “no lynching” bill in Congress, is just too pat.

  3. Peter S

    My money’s with Catherine’s take. Every time the Republocrat uniparty designs legislation, they fire-up the deep staters, including media and hollywood, to air the false flag of choice to promote the legislation. Hollywood is dress rehearsal for the real shows in Chicago, Covington, etc., etc.

    1)Decide which laws/ cultural norm to take down
    2)Have lawyers and script writers collaborate
    3)Pick a script
    4)select the cast
    5)Select the target
    6)Select the scene
    7)”Action…roll em”

  4. Clinton ma Tea party

    Once again the Left caught in a lie. This scumbag should be put in jail for false allegations.