Junior Nose Picker Blows US Operations

Posted July 27th, 2010 by Iron Mike

FLASHBACK:  Sunday, June 13, 1971:  The NY Times [who else?] publishes the first of 15 excerpts and summaries of the “Pentagon Papers”. These were some 7000 secretly copied Above-Top-Secret analysis of America’s military decision-making and military policy during the Vietnam War.  The trusted guy who turned them over was former US Marine lieutenant and trusted DoD employee Daniel Ellsberg.   Today Ellsberg is praising America’s newest traitor. 

Americans were already war-weary and war shocked, first by Têt of 68, then by the revelations of Mai Lai Massacres, and by the Kent State shooting in 1970.  1LT Calley had just been convicted of 29 murders after a 4-month long court martial.  The papers revealed some very embarrassing things about how our foreign policy in SE Asia was formulated, and how it was carried out.  Whatever fight was left in mainstream America – the publication of the Pentagon Papers quickly dissolved it. 

Ellsberg had actually worked both in the Pentagon, and later for the RAND Corporation [military think tank], and even served two years as a State Department civilian in Vietnam.  In 1969 he attended some anti-war rallies, and claims to have had a change of heart.  He thought he could single-handedly bring about the end of the war

Ellsberg was tried for espionage, but the Nixon White House made a botch of several attempts to gain more evidence against him.  Eventually the case was so tainted that it was tossed out. 

To this day Ellsberg remains unapologetic.  He seems indifferent to the fall of South Vietnam and Cambodia.  In 2004 he was arrested for trespassing on George Bush’s ranch in Crawford, TX.

Still a hero in his own eyes, thanks to the Bradley Manning case, he’ll be getting a lot of TV interview time. 

July 2010

What? Me worry?

Comes now our next traitor – Army Intel Specialist Bradley Manning.

On duty at FOB Hammer west of Baghdad, he gets to look at and spend a lot of time with HIGHLY classified stuff.  And he is very good with a computer.  And he has internet chats with hackers.

And somewhere he becomes disillusioned.  So first he sends a couple of videos of night engagements to known computer hacker Adrian Lamo,  “explaining how the first world exploits the third, in detail, from an internal perspective.”

Then he downloads an unknown number of classified military and State Department documents, photos, videos, and , and we still don’t know what else – and gives it to Lamo – who passes it to WikiLeaks.

SPC Bradley Manning:  ‘Hillary Clinton and several thousand diplomats around the world are going to have a heart attack when they wake up one morning and find an entire repository of classified foreign policy is available, in searchable format, to the public,’ he apparently told Lamo.

At first Lamo was a hero to the anti-war left.  But suddenly when confronted with the enormity of the damage he’s helped do, – he is cooperating with the government. 

Undaunted by concerns for soldier safety, national security, or patriotism,  WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange  has begun to publish. 

What will it mean?

First,  people who helped us will be hunted down and killed, their families in front of them first.

Second,  nations will be reluctant to share ANYTHING with us.  How could they?   We’ve just let a junior nose-picker blow our cover on every important operation we have going on in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and probably in Iraq and Iran too

Third,  Manning is a folk hero to the left.  They already have web sites and Facebook pages to collect money for his defense.  [He gets an Army defense attorney – a JAG lawyer; can have additional civilian lawyers at his own expense.]  His trial will be the next Rusty Calley or O.J. Simpson media circus.  Greta – or somebody like her – may have a whole new lease on life.

Fourth, ~ maybe ~ the military and the intelligence agencies will figure out how to do with less paperwork, less videos, and fewer traitorous self-inflated self-important twerps looking at it.

Since his arrest, Bradley Manning has issued no formal public statements. Daniel Ellsberg, the famed whistleblower behind the Pentagon Papers, has heralded Pfc. Bradley Manning as a hero.

So Manning joins a long list of “smart” people – all traitors, all who thought they knew what is best for their country, – Benedict Arnold, the Rosenbergs, Jane #onda, Daniel Ellsberg, Aldrich Ames, the Walkers, Robert Hanssen, and now Bradley Manning. 

I only hope some really smart Army JAGs win a conviction, and that Manning gets 50+ years to contemplate his computer skills, his judgment, and his arrogance.

The people who are murdered in Iraq and on the Hindu Kush will have no such time to contemplate, – nor are they ever likely to know the name of the twerp who has just betrayed them, delivering them unto evil.

Rot in HELL – Ellsberg and Manning!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

UPDATE: Tuesday 30 July 2013 – Manning convicted of Espionage [plus 10 other charges] – acquitted of Treason – by military judge Colonel Denise LindUPDATE: Wednesday 21 Aug 2013  She gave him 35 years!
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