Judge Perpetuates Deval Patrick’s Legacy

Posted November 13th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Deval Patrick’s “Let ’em WALK” Judge Janet Kenton-Walker lets a DUI Cop-Killer off the hook – says “there is no test…”.

Just yesterday Deval said he’s mulling a White House run in 2020.   Does he think that voters nationwide are as stupid and blind as MassHole Democrats?

Deval nominated Janet Kenton-Walker in March 2009, and swore her in August 2010.  She’s been the PERFECT LibTurd disaster ever since.

August 2012:   Joseph Sacramone was found guilty last month by a jury of his peers in Lowell Superior Court of attempting to rape a 19-month-old child.

April 2013:  Judge Kenton-Walker orders the Commonwealth to find a unique interpreter for illegal Ecuadorian alien drunk driving murderer Nicolas Guaman,  – who dragged Matt Denise under his pick-up truck for ¼ mile. 

Despite being in the USA for over 10 years – Kenton-Walker ruled “…he didn’t understand enough English or Spanish to understand the proceedings”,  – and must have someone who speaks his indigenous language – Quechua.

March 2014:   Judge Kenton-Walker set a cash bail of $55,000 for Worcester resident Hector E. Pineiro,  – after bail had been denied months prior. 

August 2014:  House of Horrors baby-killer Erika Murray let off easy by Judge of Horrors Kenton-Walker.

LibTurd Democrats have turned this once-proud state into a State-of-Horrors!

One Response to “Judge Perpetuates Deval Patrick’s Legacy”

  1. Leonard Mead


    These examples of liberal justice are disgusting beyond belief.

    Yes, there are problems in Florida. But these local examples you cite explain why over-taxed Massholes are moving out of the state in droves.

    Len Mead, Unwashed Conservative
    70 Years for me in MA is enough!