Judge Orrick Shields Planned Parenthood

Posted July 31st, 2015 by Iron Mike

Obama-appointed Judge William H. Orrick III wants to protect the evil ladies working in abortion clinics.
Judge William H Orrick III
He issued an Emergency TRO [Temporary Restraining Order] to halt CMP from releasing any more in their series of video exposés.

Did you know there is a National Abortion Federation?  They recently won an award from the ACLU.
National Abortion Federation

Their President – Vicki Saporta – said any further release of CMP videos could prove dangerous to their members.

Yeah,  they fully realize people who didn’t know what they’ve been doing – for BIG $$$ – might be a tad outraged,  – even hostile.

So for the moment we won’t see more gruesome disgusting videos.

The BIG $$$ of Planned Parenthood – and pre-positioned liberal soulless judges like Orrick III – will bat this around – during the election season.

Eventually it will go to the Supreme Court – where we already know what a cheap whore [or doormat] John Roberts has proven himself to be.

9 Responses to “Judge Orrick Shields Planned Parenthood”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    First thing you do in a dictatorship: SILENCE any opposing views.
    Second thing: financially destroy those with opposing views
    Third thing: make them disappear, those with opposing views

    2015 in socialist muslim America

  2. Beachbunny

    I wouldn’t call them “ladies”……

  3. Ralphie boy

    Planned parenthood is a disgrace to our country and should be immediately defunded.

    Also, any further donations should be monitored and called out hopfulling leading to end to this
    abortion baby killing business and finally forcing to close it’s doors.

    I thought Orrick was a vacuum cleaner brand that sucks.

  4. Clinton Ma Tea Party

    This evil bastard should be hanged.


    You mean of course, charged, given adequate defense counsel, – tried in open court before a jury of his peers, – convicted, – have his appeals exhausted, – and then LEGALLY hung…?

  5. Jim Gettens

    Never knew the butchering psychopaths had so many cover organizations. More evidence that slaughtering babies then selling the bodies/parts is BIG BUSINESS.

    BUT, when their activities are described accurately rather than in their cover euphemisms, suddenly they are all rendered abject cowards.

    Haven’t seen any reporters knocking on the doors of Boehner and his aide Ivancic to ask questions about their direct connections to Planned Parenthood and StemExpress. Has anyone?

    TIP FOR A BUMPER/REAR WINDOW STICKER: Just downloaded Planned Parenthood’s blue logo and pasted it to the upper left of a ‘Word Document’ in ‘landscape’ layout, then using 72 point font typed in ‘YOUR LOCAL BUTCHERS’ Looks pretty good on my rear hatch window!

  6. Len Mead

    Turns out this stooge who granted the restraining order is also a $30,000 Obama donor and $200,000 Obama bundler reported by TheFederalist.com.
    Is justice blind? Hmmmmm.


    The very best corrupt judge that money could buy! Thanks Len!

  7. david gaynor

    This is a Great Blog! Please put me on your emailing list for all future publications. Planned Parenthood is an abomination to our entire God loving, and God fearing nation. They’ve got to be stopped.

  8. Leo the Lion

    American Jews wishing to understand by what psycho-social pathologies millions of Germany citizens were rendered blind and impotent to the evils of Nazism and the Holocaust should examine the admixture of willful blindness and collective amnesia that renders millions of Americans oblivious to the evils of Planned Parenthood and the continuing holocaust that it controls.

  9. Jim Gettens

    As for American Jews, Charlotte Spears Ivancic and Nicholas Ivancic were married with a Rabbi participating. Charlotte’s sister, Cate Dyer, is the infamous psychopath CEO of StemExpress, which buys intact babies and aborted baby parts from the psychopaths at Planned Parenthood. Charlotte Ivancic is the aide of complicit, duplicitous, and corrupt House Speaker Boehner. Charlotte and Nicholas Ivancic were donors to the Washington Hebrew Congregation. See link, scroll down to page 10: http://secure.whctemple.org/site/usermedia/application/8/oct-20-2014-journal—web.pdf

    Spears Ivancic Wedding