Judge O’Connor To Obama: “Wrong!”

Posted April 25th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Judge Reed O'ConnorIt’s not every day that unions will go to court to demand the government enforce the law.

But the union representing ICE Agents did exactly that – they were tired of having Janet Napolitano and Obama tie their hands along the border.

Yesterday Judge Reed O’Connor issued his ruling – that Congress, not DHS – sets the priority for deportation of illegals.  “The court finds that DHS does not have discretion to refuse to initiate removal proceedings,”

No, – it’s not over.  Napolitano will appeal.  But the signal has been sent, – all Federal Employees are not Obamacons!  Some even honor their Oaths of Office!  3 PM:  We’ve had some visitors from ICE today.  Keep up the fire guys, and TY!
Truly not over:  UPDATE: Mon 20 May 2013   DOJ [aka Dept
of InJustice] was on RRB today checking out Judge O’Connor.  You know those vindictive bastards working for Holder are planning retaliation!

UPDATE:    Monday,  22 Aug 2016   Our HERO again! Judge O’Connor blocks Obama’s Transgender Bathroom edict “Federal Government has exceeded it’s authority”.

3 Responses to “Judge O’Connor To Obama: “Wrong!””

  1. Beatrice

    Obama won’t be happy that these folks aren’t bending to his rule. It will be interesting to see what he takes out of their budget and blames it on the republicans.

  2. Blake Litton

    Praise The Lord! A Judge that actually stands up for our Constitution. Great job Justice O’Connor.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Hoorah for Judge O’Conner. I heard today that none of the air traffic controllers in D.C. are to be effected by the sequester, and Congress is coming up with a bill to carve out a giant exception to Obamacare for EVERYBODY who works in the government down there! Ain’t that just peachy!