Judge Leila R. Kern Got It WRONG!

Posted September 7th, 2017 by Iron Mike

One might almost suspect the Liberal Know-it-Alls of Acton went judge-shopping.  Middlesex Superior Court Judge Leila R. Kern has been controversial in the past,  – often making decisions hurtful to rape victims.

Last September she let the Town of Acton rape the taxpayers.  Today her decision will be reviewed on appeal by the Supreme Judicial Court.

Like many things in this once proud and patriotic town,  once the Liberals and then the Progressives (socialists) and the college know-it-alls poured in,  common sense and Constitutional Law went out the window.  It was all about ‘feeling good’.

And they sure know how to make illegal acts look legal and even respectable.  This boondoggle comes wrapped in “Community Preservation” and “Historic Places”.  Sounds damn near patriotic,…doesn’t it?

But the core ISSUE is that these know-it-alls spent TAXPAYER MONEY to fix two old churches.

You read that correctly – to fix CHURCHES!

Not ALL the churches,  – just the ones THEY deemed as “Historic”.  So some outraged taxpayers sued the town.

And Judge Kerns decided that the money wasn’t going to support ‘religion’  – just some ‘historic buildings’…..

Would you be surprised to learn that a few years back Judge Kerns got caught directly helping a real estate developer avoid criminal charges?  Black robes can cover a lot of stupid and a lot of sleazy….

You can watch Caplan vs Town of Acton at 9:00 AM today http://www.suffolk.edu/sjc/

If you missed it,  I ~ believe ~ they archive the cases.

If you’re not from Massachusetts – the Supreme Judicial Court is our version of your State Supreme Court….

Her argument boiled down to:  “We’re the Government – we get to decide!”

Community Preservation Act” – – legalized graft!

The SJC over-ruled Judge Kern – sent the case BACK to Superior Court!


3 Responses to “Judge Leila R. Kern Got It WRONG!”

  1. Sonny's Mom

    Are these church buildings still in use? If so, are they host to politically correct, “welcoming” churches (where lefties go to soothe their consciences)?


    In current use by congregations…..

  2. Michael W Dane

    Who from the state ever checks what the towns spend CPA money on?? We have used it in Wilbraham on buildings now town owned. Nobody cares.


    It’s OK to use it on town buildings – the Town Hall or a Library – IF there is genuine Historic Significance.

    Even the Defense (Acton’s) lawyer admitted today that the courts were poorly equipped to decide which building is ‘historic’…

    But ALL churches are supposed to be EXCLUDED….

  3. Sherox

    Churches are not excluded under CPA.


    Communities may spend their CPA funds for projects in the following broad programmatic areas: Open Space, Historic Preservation, Affordable Housing and Outdoor Recreation.