Judge Kavanaugh Comes Storming Back!

Posted September 27th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The Left’s objective goes WAY past Kavanaugh;  – they want to be sure NO Conservative Judge ever again allows him/herself to be nominated,  – for fear of having their families to go through the same crap.

Brett Kavanaugh came storming back this afternoon – filled with righteous anger at how the Senate Democrats have ignored all concepts of Justice or Fairness in their attempts to keep a Conservative off the Court.

No man or woman should have to defend against vague unsubstantiated allegations 36 years old – from high school,  – particularly where the accuser has a history of ultra-partisan political activism….

But that is EXACTLY what Dianne Feinstein and Senate Democrats have done to Kavanaugh – and his family….

…and if it’s true that Christine Ford wanted to remain anonymous,  – they stripped that option from her and her family – for their “greater good”.

What the 10 Democrats on the Judiciary Committee proved to Americans – beyond any shadow of a doubt,  – was that they will operate a scorched earth campaign to keep even the most decent and worthy Conservative off the Court – simply to preserve their “Greater Good” – Roe v. Wade and the abortion business of Planned Parenthood.

When the Sun rises on Friday morning,  we can only hope the Full Senate votes to Confirm Judge Kavanaugh,  – and that most thinking Americans are ashamed of what Dianne Feinstein and her Senate Democrats have just done to a good family.

5 Responses to “Judge Kavanaugh Comes Storming Back!”

  1. Walter Knight

    The Kavanaugh hearings are just a publicity stunt for the mid-term elections. Liberals think conservatives were angry before? They haven’t seen anything yet.

  2. Kojack

    Listening to Brett K’s justifiably impassioned testimony yesterday, I was admittedly choked up. He was totally believable.


  3. GreenBeretLTC

    After that exercise yesterday, I won’t rest until every Democrat politician passes away from heart attack, stroke or other painful yet natural malady…..or I am…. And I hope the process begins with Feinstein, Durban, Leahy and Shitehouse, from RI….

  4. Civil service dreg

    Need to get rid of that shit stick with a hank of hair Frankin Fienstine!!! Thought she was on her way when asked if she leaked Ford letter, bummer! Mister I was a war hero needs a good ole Keel hulling in the drydock!!!Watching all those mentally challenged dem-onic senators makes me wonder??? Do they all hold hands when they cross the street??? Probably huh!

  5. Catherine

    Once the FISA documents are declassified and released, Mr Trump needs to have the military ARREST all the traitorous scum involved.

    There will be a RED wave come November (go read some of the disgusted comments on the WalkAway pages if you’re not sure) and many of these turds will find themselves OUT of a job. If the info I’m reading is right, and scum like finstin have been working with our enemies (in her case, the Chinese), in a time of WAR (read the Congressional acts post 9/11), well that’s treason, punishable by DEATH.

    Clear out the traitors, and good people will once again be willing to go through nomination. Mark Taylor’s prophecies state Mr Trump will nominate FIVE justices during his time in office. All the previous prophecies have come true. Just sayin’…