Judge Judy Backs Little Michael Bloomberg

Posted January 7th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Bloomberg and Judy Sheindlin are septuagenarians,  both 77, – both mega-rich (he has $58 Billion, she has $500 Million),  and both travel the world in private jets.   Now Judge Judy is going on the campaign trail with Bloomberg.   What’s in it for her?

After 24 seasons of playing Judge Judy on TV,  appealing to the fat couch potatoes of non-working America,  – is she auditioning for a slot on the Supreme Court?   She ~ could ~ help make the 5′ 7” Bloomberg look taller,  – since she’s only 5′ 1”…

One Response to “Judge Judy Backs Little Michael Bloomberg”

  1. Kojack

    My wife absolutely LOVES Judge Judy. On TV she comes across as a real hard-ass forcing the troglodytes she deals with to take responsibility for their actions/in-actions. Apparently, like other liberals, she can’t apply her extensive critical thinking abilities to the crucial task of selecting OBVIOUS, PROVEN and QUALIFIED LEADERSHIP.