Judge Jeanine’s Ilhan Omar Comments

Posted March 13th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The new more liberal Fox News chose to condemn Pirro’s remarks,  – so we have posted them so you can decide.

Was the Judge speaking in Islamophobic terms,  – or just pointing out the stark contradictions between our Constitutional Law and Islamic Sharia Law…?

4 Responses to “Judge Jeanine’s Ilhan Omar Comments”

  1. Varvara

    I saw the judge’s opening last Saturday. She was/is spot on! If you look at what Ilhan is wearing she is only covering the top of her body. If you catch her walking in the hallways you will see something different. Most camera reporters capture her from the shoulders. Very seldom do you see her waist or legs. She is not wearing a long jacket. In Iran, Iraq or Pakistan she would be whipped. If women were to wear slacks they must wear a jacket down to their knees. This would cover ‘private parts’.

    I think the reporters and cameramen know this and are accommodating the rules of sharia.

  2. Catherine

    Sharia is antithetical to the United States Constitution. If someone wants to live under sharia, they have their choice of countries to pick from. Some of them are not hell-holes (as long as
    you obey the rules).

    EVERYONE in Congress swears an oath to uphold the Constitution. If they cannot/will not hold to that oath, they MUST be stripped of their position and sent back home (whether that is Cambridge, Malden, or Minnesota). All communities in the USA that are trending towards sharia must have ALL such rules removed. Article IV guarantees a republic; a theocracy is NOT allowed.

  3. Kojack

    Catherine – the 2 RAGHEADS swore their oath on a KORAN! How f****d up is that?!?!? The MASS-HOLES love mUSLIMS and hate Christians.

  4. carolyn chambers

    Why can she condemn Israel and not be taken off her committee. She questions if Americans are loyal to America if we favor Israel. She would be be able to act as she does in her country of origin. Do not let these people drag us into socialism.