Judge Hirsch, Do YOU Carry A Gun?

Posted July 3rd, 2017 by Iron Mike

A Liberal Florida State judge has just ruled Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law ‘unconstitutional’.  His reasoning is twisted.  I think he’s trying to draw attention to himself.

He’s a Georgetown (über-liberal) Law grad – originally from Chicago,  – and until he became a judge – he was a criminal defense lawyer.  In other words – he make a living keeping violent goons out of prison.

Now he doesn’t want God-fearing righteous Miami homeowners shooting his paroled former clients when they go housebreaking.

Hirsch’s understanding of the Florida Constitution is that Stand Your Ground could ONLY have been amended by the Florida Supreme Court,  – not by the Florida Legislature.

But his ruling only applies to his Eleventh Judicial Circuit in Florida;  – other Florida judges can rule otherwise.

We wish this stupid ass no lasting harm,…but we’ll laugh our ass off if and when some goon sticks a gun in his face and rips him off….

Historical reminder for Judge Hirsch:  On July 4th 1776,  – Florida was a Spanish possession.

3 Responses to “Judge Hirsch, Do YOU Carry A Gun?”

  1. John C. Davis

    Who is Judge Milton Hirsch? Is there a biography about this guy. Where did he come from?

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    I guess the folks of Miami-Dade County are going to have to start looking over their shoulders even more than they already do… SCOTUS, here it comes…

    But on a happier note: To all you readers out there (even you uber-libs who hate our United States as it was founded and stands….), enjoy the 241st anniversary of our Declaration of Independence. And as we celebrate the day, take a moment to dwell upon the foresight and courage of the 55 guys who signed the Declaration and pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to give the world our great republic, still the greatest nation on the face of our God-given earth.

    Happy Independence Day.

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    It is painful to see the ingratitude, even disdain, exhibited by so many Americans today for the amazing gift of these United States. A gift that many do not understand or appreciate.
    There has never been a country like this in the history of the world.
    Despite all the good that America has done for humanity, and despite the gift of freedom, prosperity, and opportunity that we are blessed with, many of our own citizens seek to dismantle and destroy her. It’s very sad that so many think that America is the cause of the world’s ills when the opposite is true.

    America is, and has always been a force for good in the world, a beacon of hope to so many. Few countries even come close to the contributions America has made to the quality of life for all mankind.
    My fellow Americans, let us cherish the country that we are blessed to call home.