Joy Reid Interviews Maxine Waters

Posted February 21st, 2020 by Iron Mike

Joy Reid is a 51 year old Harvard grad (her father was a Communist from the Congo).   Waters is 81,  – one of 13 children,  – who worked as a phone operator and then an assistant teacher in Watts under the Head Start program.   At some point,  Vladimir Putin took up residence in her head.

This interview is hard to sit through,  – but there is a willing audience for this insanity in the uneducated masses across our land.  They cannot be reasoned with.

With people like Joy Reid in the Media,  and Maxine Waters in Congress,  – all Putin has to do to “interfere with our elections”  – is wink into the camera…

    …racism,  hatred,  and sheer stupidity in certain quarters of our Media and in the Halls of Congress will do the rest of the work FOR HIM – at NO COST!

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