Jordan – Our Next Ally Sold Out?

Posted August 29th, 2013 by Iron Mike

King Abdullah has been very decent with the US.   Obama will now mass the forces of the Muslim  Brotherhood against him.Jordan Next 
By now most thinking people understand Obama’s game. He’s squarely on the side of [or in the midst of] the Muslim Brotherhood.  One-by-one the countries of the Middle East are being taken down,  essentially handed over intact – to the MB.

Israel – “the illegal occupiers– is slowly being surrounded. Jordan is needed for this conquest,  and Abdullah will not go along.  Watch the news America – and observe how it plays out.Another ally I'll betray 

Already Jordan has taken in massive numbers of Syrian refugees. ANY military strikes by Obama will increase the flood.  Amongst them will be al Qaeda agents.Zaatari Refugee Camp

4 Responses to “Jordan – Our Next Ally Sold Out?”

  1. Varvara

    Yes the al Qaeda will sneak into Jordan pretending to be refugees. They did the same with the Greek and Italian islands. Then they will start trouble. I hope the Jordanian army is still very much with the king. Abdullah does not have oil, little access to the sea and can not sustain these refugees too long.

  2. Shawn Hubbard

    You have got to get all these great posts on fb! I look forward to our future sharing!


    Feel free to post them on your page Shawn! Thanks for clicking in!

  3. Casey Chapman

    I fear you may be right. I have been saying for the last year that our “dear leader” is a member of the muslim brotherhood. It won’t be too long before our Constitution is on the run. If it isn’t already.