Jon Golnik’s August Surprise

Posted August 31st, 2010 by Iron Mike

Already under fire for his 8+ years of not bothering to register – and of course not voting through five (5) General Elections – Jon Golnik of Carlisle received his August Surprise today.  Breaking news published by the Lawrence Eagle Tribune indicates that Golnik was arrested in 2001 – OUI – drugs and alcohol.  It looks like the drug charge evaporated, but the OUI cost him 45 days without a license and a required class. 

Jon Golnik, Republican candidate for Congress, told police he drank several beers and smoked marijuana at a concert the night he was arrested in 2001 for operating under the influence of alcohol and drugs, according to court documents.

Golnik confirmed today to the arrest, which occurred in Arlington on May 4, 2001. One month after the arrest, the drug charge was dropped.

Sort of makes him look like a Ted Kennedy politician.

This cannot be good for Golnik.  On March 2nd in a 90-minute interview for RRB, he specifically promised me that there was nothing negative in his background.  It’s the same question I ask all politicians.  He “swore to God” – up and down – “No, nothing,  clean as a whistle”.

But then a routine visit to the Carlisle Town Hall proved embarrassing when RRB discovered he hadn’t registered or voted for over eight years.  Worse, he hadn’t disclosed that to his high-$$ Carlisle contributors.  If they forgave his first omission, – will they forgive and overlook this one?  We know the Tsongas camp won’t.

Anybody in the 5th Congressional District who really wants to be rid of Tsongas come January 20th should look long and hard at the other three Republicans and two Independents.

I wonder what else the Eagle-Tribune is working on?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

And now the Globe:

Arlington Police Booking Sheet

~~~~UPDATE:  9:45 AM Tuesday Sept 14th ~~~~~~~

TELLING ENCOUNTER:  I just spent  2½ hours holding a Sam Meas sign in front of the Carlisle Town Hall.  Golnik showed up [to vote?] – then spent 30 minutes with his sign holders.

As he was leaving he stopped his SUV and rolled his window down to talk to me.  I asked him “Jon, where were you EVER registered to vote?

He snarled – pointed his finger at me – rolled the window up and drove off angry.  So I guess we have his answer . . .

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  1. Renee Aste

    My favorite line from the Eagle Tribune….

    “”This guy (Golnik) cracks me up. “I walked away from the party that let me down” blah blah blah. Blame everyone else that you were a stupid ass who drank and did drugs and got pulled over for it. Meas has my vote now, this guy didn’t have food and Golnik’s probably munching on Fritos at 4 in the morning. ”

    I once munched on Fritos at 4am in the morning, but I was 18 and wasn’t behind the wheel of the car!

  2. Renee Aste

    Sorry to add on…. I know some people would like to dismiss this, yet…

    Driving under the influence is not to be tolerated, considering how much effort we put into high school seniors of the dangers of harming others. Golnik could of easily had one or two beers at the concert and then gone to the privacy of his big home in Carilse and smoked all the pot he wanted on the back porch.

    No matter how tolerant someone feels about recreational pot smoking, do we really want an elected official who as a grown adult (at the age 35) married with children to feel about pot the same way an 18 year old college student?

    We have our mistakes in life, but by 35 you should have your act together and know the effects of getting drunk and using pot combined with getting behind the wheel. No one put those beers or joint in your hand, before you got behind the wheel of a car.

    Never mind he should of been more forthcoming at the beginning of his campaign.

  3. Jeff

    It just keeps going…see the Globe here:
    Basically he is now denying the statements he submitted to the court for his plea deal.

  4. maria

    Cambridge District Court, Docket #0152CR00142.

    The funniest part of the court document is the Defendant’s Sentencing Memorandum. The man of 1000 excuses. He was under stress because:

    Mommy and Daddy got divorced.

    Brother Ben was tried and convicted of espionage, in absentia in Russia.

    His other brother was killed in a motorcycle accident.

    Daddy refused to attend his wedding.

    His wife was pregnant.

    His young son wasn’t sleeping through the night

    and my personal favorite, “The family home was undergoing renovations and the contractor’s daily presence led to chaos.”

    A breathalyzer administrerd after the booking registered .18. “According to police, rolling papers were found during the booking. The defendant admitted taking hits off a marijuana cigarette which had been passed along the row at the concert(but he is confident that the effects had worn off long before left the venue.)

    I haven’t read anywhere about the pepper spray which was found in his vehicle, which was placed in the armory by police because he had no permit.

    By the way, Jonny Boy, do you still have that Shamrock Tattoo on your right thigh?

  5. Greg Boyd

    I rented a house with Jon and a bunch of medical students back in the early 90s in Washington, DC when he was in graduate school at the school of International studies at Johns Hopkins in DC. Without a doubt Jon is one of the brightest individuals I have ever met in my entire life and one of the few people I would ever consider going into business with. He has sent me a few e-mails regarding his campaign and I have done nothing in regard to it. He didn’t ask me to write anything. If the people of Mass. drop him because of a decade old indiscretion they’re making a big mistake. I can tell you that Jon is passionate, mercurial, and brilliant-a thinker’s thinker prone to action. He’s certainly aware that this was a big mistake and not something he ever did when I knew him or he would ever do again. As a former Marine I believe that he has the drive and ambition to not just occupy a seat in congress but to shake the place-up a bit. He isn’t a wallflower and he’s aware that when the sun sets in America it’s rising in other lands some that have taken the American lesson taught by our nation to the world after WWII to heart. We need these types of individuals who are internationalists but local in the same instant and recognize how your main street connects to that street in Beijing and Ghana.

    Semper Fi.

    Greg Boyd.

  6. Chris Hollings


    I agree, I have met Jon 3 times, and I already can say I trust him! He is a great guy and would make an awesome Congressman! I was in the Marines too! and know a leader when I see one! I’m sure the veterans will come out and support Jon on September 14th!

    Semper Fi.

    Chris Hollings.

  7. Jeffrey Wallens

    Your loyality to your friend is commendable. I have met Jon and I like hime personally, but there is no way that it makes sense for him to be our candidate. The fact is that the guy did not come clean on the fact that he was not registered to vote for 8 years – until he got caught. Then we got excuses. He did not come clean about this DUI until he got caught. After he got caught he continues to say that he did not use drugs, but the Globe reports that the documentation they have says otherwise. I don’t care so much about the incident itself (although he was not exactly a kid when it happened,) but I have a real problem with the “dog ate my homework” excuses. Is there anything else that we don’t know? If Jon tells us there isn’t, do we believe him?

    The fact is that we are fortunate to have three other excellent candidates running as Republicans. You specifically mention Jon’s understanding of how Main Street connects to Bejing and Ghana. Well, for starters, we have one candidate from Asia, who speaks several Asian languages, and helped manage billions of dollars in assets in those markets. We also have an Air Force guy who is a Nuclear Engineer – might be useful, too! Why in the world should we take a chance with Jon?

  8. Renee Aste

    As with Jeffery mentioned, just because he’s your good friend doesn’t mean he would be a great Congressman. The fact is that Jon Golnik couldn’t even bother to vote, even if his brother depended on it. His brother Ben was a political director for John McCain in 2008, yet Jon couldn’t take the initiative to fill out a registration form and go down to vote with his wife on Election Day. What would Jon’s excuse be there, take the stance the Massachusetts always goes Democrat? Well why should I vote for Jon, if Niki Tsongas is going to destroy him.

    What were we all a bunch of ‘smucks’ back in November of 08’s to go out and vote, because Obama was going to win Massachusetts anyways and Niki Tsongas ran completely unoppose? Was Jon Golnik way too smart and intelligent to even bother like the rest of us?

    He may be a good friend, even a bright and savvy business man, but Golnik would not be the best candidate even for dog catcher. Drunk driving is a very serious charge, it’s not an indiscretion, especially for a 35 year professional who is married with a family. There’s a lot of effort is taken especially with young adults in high school to educate them on the dangers of such reckless behavior, and as a part of being Congressmen is to go to schools and speak at high school graduations. I don’t care how intelligent Golnik may be, if Jon Golnik had common sense he would know how to drink responsibly.

    It’s really a matter of personal self control, and at 35 one should have it even with an average IQ.

    You’re comment really didn’t help me be sympathetic, I simply think even less of Golnik now, that as his friend we should simply excuse his irresponsible behavior as a grown adult, because well you’re his friend after all. Sure you’re trying to put a good word out for him, but it comes off as really arrogant.

    What did I get out of your comment? That if you’re got decent IQ, the inside connections, and got the personal cash; the rules and consequences don’t apply to you like us average people.

  9. Renee Aste

    Read the Eagle Tribune story, if anything it just makes Golnik weak. We really can’t have a congressman that emotionally unstable, who can crack with life’s ups and downs. I’ve had a pretty decent life, but like Golnik I lost a brother in a car accident. I was 13, he was 18, for my parent’s as you can imagine much harder to lose a child then a sibling. My parents didn’t crack. I didn’t crack either.

    An elected official needs to be mentally stable, be strong, um…. like Niki Tsongas who was a widow with three young children. Note: I don’t agree with Tsongas ideologically, but it’s horrible when a spouse passes prematurely. Did Tsongas go dark in her state of mind?

  10. Ryan Black


    You have commented on this story in every venue from Sam Meas’s facebook to Redmass to Tom Duggan’s post to the WBZ and

    It’s sad to see Sam Meas sending his people after another republican like this. Nothing positive coming from his camp at all. Which is why he can’t raise a single dollar and lost his entire staff over the summer.

    You are just a bitter woman trying to kick a man when he’s down. People like you ruin the political process in this country. YOU should be ashamed!!!


  11. Renee Aste

    Ryan, Why yes I have commented on several venues. It’s my right to express my opinion. It isn’t ‘bitter’ to have a basic standard of ethical behavior in a congressional candidate. It’s wrong to have values now?

    I have not posted on Red Mass Group. I have not posted on WBZ.

    I have posted on on Tom Duggan’s post and here also. Other people have been posting on other sites.

    I’m not ‘kicking a guy down’, Golnik put himself there! No one forced those beers in his band. No one forced him behind the wheel of a car. No one forced him to run for Congress. I would be completely more forgiving if this came out in April or if he was 21. I’ve voted consistently for the Republican candidates for several years now, now you want to call me ‘bitter’ because I think an elected official should know better not to drive drunk at 35. (I’m 33 BTW)

    Patrick and Calvin I know them from Sam’s campaign yes, I talked to their girlfriends at Sam’s house last May. Young guys who went from Sam’s volunteers to being Golnik’s being compensated. Like everything else, Golnik thinks he can just buy things apparently, remember Golnik fund-raising numbers other then from his closest have not been great either.

    You’re going after me because my points are valid. This is a part of the political process, I’m sorry if I’m not going ‘shut up’ like a good little woman and get on my knees to worship Golnik.

    I was called a ‘pinko’ on Tom Duggan’s facebook page, is that how regular good republicans treat voters who have consistently vote republican?

    Renee Aste
    Lowell Massachusetts

  12. Ryan Black


    I am dissapointed you continue to be such a negative force in this political environment. I wish you would do some soul searching and find a small smidge of decency in your heart and stop bashing people and try being positive. Being angry all the time is no way to go through life. I feel quite bad for you.


  13. Karen G

    You have hit the nail on the head — your observations are on the money and now you’re being unfairly attacked.

    I think it’s Golnik’s supporters that may be the bitter ones at this point. He swore to them that there was nothing in his past that might cause problems for his campaign and now it’s clear he lied to them. I can remember what I did nine years ago like it was yesterday; it wasn’t THAT far in his past that he “forgot” about it. It’s a betrayal in a sense. I honestly feel bad that this has happened. I am not judging his behavior (though I don’t understand or condone it), but rather the fact that he has now made himself politically obsolete and alot of people have worked hard on his behalf, made donations to his campaign, etc.

    If Golnik were a worthy candidate, he would have my support if he won the primary. However, in light of the current news, there is NO WAY he could run a successful campaign against Tsongas. She will take this story and use it to destroy Jon’s reputation, like it or not.

    We cannot afford to hand Niki another term in office on a silver platter. For those of us who truly care about this election, and about changing the political dynamic in Massachusetts, we must put aside our personal disagreements and support the most electable candidate. Unfortunately, it is not Jon Golnik.

  14. Renee Aste

    Ok. I get it. I’m being trolled. Pathetic.

    Golnik has based his entire campaign as a negative campaign railing against Niki Tsongas. I just received a negative ad from his campaign yesterday. I received a phone call from Golnik’s office, with the only reason to get vote for Golnik is to ‘we have get Niki Out’.

    Now Golnik supporters are claiming I don’t have a heart and I don’t have a shred of decency, because I expect congressional candidates to be responsible enough not drink and drive and grown mature adults, and if so to be forth coming about in the campaign.

    Sigh…. this would be funny, if it was fiction.

    Renee Aste
    Lowell Massachusetts

  15. Greg Boyd

    If you judge Jon’s life by its totality this is minor. Even the police thought it was minor. They suspended his sentence for 45 days and how many people are saying as they read this but for the grace of god go I? Remember, the law doesn’t discriminate in regard to intention. A dinner party with some friends isn’t any different in the eyes of the law whether you’re wearing your shirt or not. So now he has been given the once over.
    Political life today is increasingly defined by issues and incidents that actually prevent us from analyzing the issues. Bush, had a DWI, Cheney had many DWIs, Clinton invested in a failed land deal in which everybody lost money, including the American citizens that paid for the investigation and Bush 41 raised taxes. Point? You need to look at the issues and don’t let the worst thing someone has said about somebody define your view of that individual. The Tsongas people are sitting back and laughing while the political infighting truncates a strong candidate. Many people have had this same issue and have gone on to greater glory. Look at the issues and how the candidate handles himself in the coming weeks not how he handled himself on a single night nearly a decade ago.

  16. Renee Aste

    Greg, Again we know you are his friend from the past, but there are better candidates for our district then Golnik. There really isn’t any special about Golnik, if anything he’s weak not strong compared to Niki Tsongas. Remember Niki Tsongas didn’t just become a widow prematurely with three teenage daughter’s, Tsongas also lost her sister just weeks before the special election against Ogownowski who lost his brother in 9/11 (His brother was a pilot on one of the place the hit the World Trade Center). Sam Meas lost his entire family, he doesn’t even know of they are alone or dead. None of these people ‘had a dark period’ emotionally. Again if you want to run, be forthcoming even about even the ‘minor’ stuff, it can be forgiven but don’t be accountable rather then hiding from it then be a cry baby if people want to bring it up as a relevant comparable issue.

    Ryan Black, I checked out all the ‘friends’ on Tom Duggan’s Facebook page. You aren’t there? Don’t trollattack me under false names.

    Renee Aste
    Lowell Massachuetts.

  17. Greg Boyd


    Once again, you’ve ignored the issues and proven my point by listing all of the problems, documented and undocumented, that have befallen the candidates and I doubt you know any of the candidates well enough to comment on “dark periods” in their respective lives. It’s really that simple.
    You’re operating like a junior journalist recently bumped up from the Metro Section.

  18. Karen G


    Again you bring up some great points. How else are we supposed to form an opinion about someone we don’t know but to examine and evaluate how they conduct themselves in every day life? To me, decisions made in the personal realm give an indication of how a person might behave and or perform in the public realm. I would have more confidence in how a Congressman handles the “issues” if I knew he made sound decisions in his own life and could turn misfortune into something positive.

    It is not about who is your friend, or how smart he is, or whether or not an indiscretion happened nine years ago. It is about our party coming together and supporting the most worthy candidate for the ballot. Why should we give the Tsongas camp any help by offering up someone who, like it or not, made a pretty serious blunder in the not so distant past?
    We need a candidate who has risen above personal adversity, not been dragged down by it.

    As much as Mr. Golnik may be a likeable person, he is the wrong man for the job. If he has to run against the Tsongas machine, it will chew him up and spit him out, all because of one unfortunate night where he made the wrong decision. Add to that his lack of voting activity and his campaign has major issues. Even Rumplestiltskin couldn’t spin gold out of these facts. Not trying to be mean, just being realistic.

  19. Jeffrey Wallens

    As all of you know I am a Sam Meas supporter. I happened to see Jon, along with Patrick Provost, at my local cofffee shop on Monday. Even though I am a Meas supporter I introduced Jon to a Wesford voter, who happens to be an ex- Boston College football player. I thought it was a natural connection for Jon, and the right thing for me to do.

    If Jon wins the nomination the election becomes about Jon and his various problems, rather than about Nikki and her record. I actually agree that Jon would make a fine Congressman. Unfortunatly, he is a poor candidate.

  20. Greg Boyd


    Why do I get the sneaking feeling that you and Karen are the same person?

    And Jeffrey, I find your statement odd. You believe that Jon would make a fine congressman but “is a poor candidate.” Personally, I would support the individual who I thought would ultimately do the best job not be the best candidate. Come to Washington sometime my friend, we have hundreds of good candidates in congress who got elected and proceeded to blow our deficit to smithereens perhaps you’re being served by one at this very moment.

  21. Renee Aste


    I don’t know who karen is. You know we’re making good points, and so you make wild accusations. Are you incapable that maybe average citizens around the fifth district may actually come together and actually want to discuss the character (including arrests/plea bargains/submitted court documents by their own atorneys) of the candidates who are asking for our vote. That’s out job. Did you know that?

    As you mention you live in the Washington area, but we need someone who knows the 5th district. You live in Washington la-la land, but I live in Lowell Massachusetts. While my husband and I are struggling with post-graduate degrees, I have people on my street, who are bus drivers, work at walmart, and even on welfare.

    Is Golnik going to hang out with old acquaintances, who make snarky remarks against a consistent voter in the 5th district or is he going to fight for the people like me and on my street?

    The local liberal websites are having a field day with Golnik now, he’s a joke to liberals. The swings voters aren’t even going to consider Golnik, consider how influential many democrats can be in the area.

    You may know a thing about Washington D.C., but I know Lowell and the surrounding towns and that is what matters!

    Renee Aste
    Lowell Massachusetts

  22. Renee Aste


    I know you don’t live in the area. My father-in-law was heavily involve in Democratic politics in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. My father in law was president of his union, and worked with Paul Tsongas in the 70s on differing projects.

    My family and my husband’s family are strong democrats. The state rep is running unopposed in my neighborhood. My first volunteer experience was on Paul Tsongas’ campaign in 92′. I worked heavily for a Democratic campaign in 97′. I did my internship in the late 90’s with a democratic state rep.

    Yes, the Democratic machine was asleep at the wheel with Martha Coakly, but they have been awoken and they aren’t just going to step aside. Older democrats and many younger progressive style liberals are going to fight. Golnik isn’t the right candidate for the race.

    Renee Aste
    Lowell Massachusetts

  23. Jeffrey Wallens

    You really find my statement odd? Let me see if I can explain it better. Niki will kill your guy. Instead of focusing on her, we will need to defend him on basic issues regarding his character. I have been working to get Republicans elected in the 5th District since Mike Conway ran for us against Marty Meehan, who you will recall beat Chet Atkins in the primary because of the rubber check scandal. Or maybe you don’t remember. Were you there then? Were you there when we came fairly close four years ago with Jim Ogonowski? I have no interest in working for a guy that simply cannot win.

    Beside, we have three other candidates that I frankly think would be better Congressmen- not just as good, but better. Meas and Weaver in particular have amazing backgrounds, and I would be proud to support either one. You can agree with me or not, but none of these guys are old buddies of mine that I support out of friendship. I have no personal skin in the game- but I damn well want Niki out of there, and if your guy gets the nomination, that will not happen.

  24. Greg Boyd


    Thank you for confirming my suspicions. You are [deleted], I have plenty of smart friends all over the country and the world for that matter that I wouldn’t back for dogcatcher and though I’ve spoken to Jon on a few occasions in the last couple of years we hardly hang on a daily basis.

    Here’s the deal. You’re looking for something that doesn’t exist: the perfect candidate. As I said before and I’ll end with this.

    Jon is a brilliant, hardworking, mercurial man who screwed up about a decade ago. Not to digress, but he traded foreign currencies for a decade so it’s hardly like this was a daily thing. One cannot survive in that world with abuse issues. I have worked with and for a number of candidates and have lived in DC for the better part of the last twenty-five years. Politics is our local industry. All that campaigns do anymore is opposition research. Label it, frame the argument, and let the media do the rest. This dropped two weeks before the primary. People have seen Jon out on the stump, and judging by what they’ve said on-line, he’s a credible candidate. The other guys? Not so much. They’re beatable out of the gate. With them Tsongas cruises. Republican have this yearning to create myths. One of those myths is about the perfect conservative. Well brother/sisters there ain’t no beast. Recently Bush 43s campaign director Ken Mehlman admitted he is gay. Are you surprised? Maybe, but inside the beltway it was a yawner. Everybody was aware and was doubly aware that the conservatives needed to keep this quiet. A fag is our point man! Relax, I’ve met Ken and he’s a great man and leader. But guess what? He can never run as a republican. (if he ever chose to seek elected office.) Sad, because he no longer fits the mold. You want perfection. I’m sure the other candidates have done something that could potentially disqualify them from holding public office. As I said before we have plenty of myths that got elected to congress and it turned out that the story was far better than their reality.

  25. ironmike

    Hello Greg,

    We allow comments on RRB to encourage worthwhile exchanges, – not so blog snipers can shoot at each other. That will not convince the unenrolled and undecided voters to vote for Republican candidates.

    And if the Republican and unenrolled voters of the Mass 5th select Mister Golnik on September 14th, they are essentially handing Tsongas an easy win. Worse, because the Dems will make such a laughing stock out of your college chum, they will destroy other worthy Republicans across the state.

    So you’ve made your point; if you lived here you would vote for Jon Golnik – because you think his many flaws don’t matter. We are all too familiar with your kind of Republican. Up here we call them RiNOs. You can legally send him a check to support his campaign and pay his legal bills. You can drive up and hold one of his signs on Sept 14th.

    But any more blog sniping from you on RRB will be deleted. Go pester the Lowell Sun or the Lawrence Eagle Tribune.

    As one observer put it: “I think Greg is your garden variety blog troll. I have a sneaking suspicion if we put his brain into a bird, it would fly backwards.”

    And since you never answered my question about serving in the USMC, – I now assume you were lying. See, when you hang out with LIARS, you become known by the company you keep.

  26. Tom Gilroy

    Does just being a Marine make you an excellent judge of character? Those of us in the 5th District want the best candidate, one who is truthful to his campaign workers, his supporters and most of all to the voters of the 5th District. Jon has failed on all three counts and the excuses that he has given for his inability to vote and his OUI want us to believe that he is a victim when in fact it shows that he does not have personal responsibity. A candidate that does not exhibit personal responsibility does not derserve to represent the people of the 5th Massachusetts Congressional District. If Jon was a man of character he would withdraw from the race and not embarrass the Republican Party.

  27. Rabid Republican

    …and thanks to ironmike for posting such a great post, highlighting the issues that it’s generated this long string of responses. It’s this discussion that helps us all understand why we have differences, even in our own party. We don’t have the SEIU and others to tell us how to vote, but we do discuss and consider what it will take to win.

    We have to choose someone in the primary who has the best chance of defeating Niki in November. That’s it. Plain and simple. Not the person who “might” be the best congressman, or any other criteria. Job 1 is to unseat Niki. To do that we need someone capable of surviving the tactics that the Dems will roll out for the general election. If we think things are rough now, wait till after the primary.

    The Dems don’t have to say anything now, or spend any money. They can reserve it all for the post-primary fight. And we all know how the plaintive cries against negative campaigning will be heeded by the Dems, don’t we? It’s big time stuff and big time tactics will be used. rr

  28. Demosthenes

    Mr. Boyd:

    While I haven’t had the pleasure of rooming with Jon Golnik as you contend you have, I have met Candidate Golnik several times and I have a question for you and a comment for you and all his other supporters:

    First: Where did you serve in the Marine Corps and when?

    Second, “A man’s character is his fate.”

    The stark reality in Massachusetts is that for any Republican to prevail against any democrat in a general election, much less an entrenched incumbent with a well-known political name, he must be squeaky clean and mistake-free. Jon Golnik, unfortunately, is neither. To employ a sports metaphor: he has “too many turnovers.”

    Tsongas will eat him up on his 8.5 year failure to register to vote, his blaming of Bush and the Republican party for that, the post AC/DC concert DUI (for which he DID actually lose his license for 45 days – a sentence that was not suspended as you erroneously stated), and now his questionable denials of drug use (contradicting two police officers and HIS OWN DEFENSE COUNSEL’S Sentencing Memorandum to the court!

    I appreciate your loyalty to your former roommate, but we have other candidates in our primary who are just as smart as Jon and not “bruised fruit”. ,