John Roberts: Our Roger Taney?

Posted June 28th, 2012 by Iron Mike

March 6th 1857 – Chief Justice Roger Taney writes in Scott v. Sandford that “Persons of African descent cannot be, nor were ever intended to be, citizens under the U.S. Const. Plaintiff is without standing to file a suit.”  There was more – but the essence was to return a freed slave to his southern owner.

He ~ may have thought ~ he was heading off a problem.  Instead he fired the passions of a young nation. These passions erupted into the Civil War of 1861-65. The Dred Scott decision remains the pinnacle of the worst decisions ever rendered by our Supreme Court.

Until today, when John Roberts delivered the American People into the slavery of Obama’s statism. In his time Taney was called ‘…a supple, cringing tool of Jacksonian power’.

As I cooked dinner tonight I was muttering to myself in a manner I usually reserve for our senior senator…Justice John #ucking Roberts!  When we needed an honest judge we got a political weasel!

3 Responses to “John Roberts: Our Roger Taney?”

  1. Prim

    Beginning to wonder if the word “honest” can be used in conjunction with any of the politicans or justices. They all have their own agenda and it isn’t the people’s agenda.
    If they worked in the private sector with their attitudes they wouldn’t last a month.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    It is George Bush’s fault, but it is up to the voter to ultimately defeat not only Obama but Obamacare.

  3. Hans

    While I was shocked and dismayed by the decision, it seems a bit more nuanced to me. Roberts essentially decided that the ACA does not actually require someone to buy a product, but it levies a tax on you if you don’t, and that the Federal Government has the constitutional right to levy taxes. So the ACA is either unconstitutional or it’s the biggest tax ever levied on the middle class — during an extended recession, no less.

    Conservatives should make this clear in the months ahead because the mainstream media will not. I’m hopeful that this decision will galvanize the majority of Americans that are opposed to Obamacare to realize how important it is for them to get to the polls in November.